Jan 13, 2016

Traveling Trips for Mommas & Babies

We shared a post here and here about traveling with littles, but our most recent experience with a toddler has created a few more steps we would love to add.

> When traveling with the kids, my top two tips are to pack everything you might need, but only the essentials. That might sound confusing because often times packing everything you could potentially need is the very cause of overpacking, but it doesn't have to be that way. You can find ways to reuse and repurpose items you pack so that they offer up more than one use. If you don't need it, then leave it. Also, make sure you pack things that will enable you to be handsfree. #keytolifewithkids

> I love traveling with this backpack/diaper bag, a baby carrier, and a stroller / travel system. The reason this is so important is because they're things you'll need wherever you may be going, and will also allow you to get through security (if you're flying) without losing your mind. If you are wearing your baby in a carrier, you don't have to take them off, you can walk right through their safety check wearing your babe the entire time. If you bring your carseat to the gate, they will let you board first, and often times airlines with open seats will allow your baby to get their own seat if you ask for it #forfree! That extra seat will be a lifesaver should your baby get bored, restless, or sick, so take them up on it… and did I mention it's free if your baby is under two?! #ohyeah

> Make sure your babe is eating, chewing, or nursing during take off and landing. This ensures that they don't have a painful flight from the change in pressure #ouch. We also pack serval snacks just for the sake of keeping our toddler satisfied and entertained. If his belly is full, he is one happy bean. A happy bean also means a happy flight for mom and dad!

> If you are traveling with toddlers, pack an iPad, or if you're like us, an old iPhone that your kids can snag for the flight. We don't usually encourage any screen time, but when the price is right, and in this case a calm and non-tantruming kid is the reward, why the heck not?! We love this app, and also recommend downloading your babe's favorite movie.

> Pack your toddlers a little backpack of their very own full of new toys. It doesn't matter if you hit up the local dollar store, or get things you want to keep forever, new toys will keep them playing and happy when the movie or app get old. This always works for us, and is a high priority on our travel checklist.

What do you do to keep your babies calm during travel because I have so much anxiety over it, no matter how prepared I might be. #igotthrownuponlasttime twice

Good luck, and happy travels!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing these! We just booked our flights to go see my husband's family in Oklahoma in March - it'll be our daughter's first plane ride! I'm a little nervous, but I know that all will be ok as long as I'm well prepared!

    Xo Melissa

    1. No problem! I bet it is beautiful in Oklahoma! Is it going to be a long flight?

      You will do incredible, and so will she! Sending you the best traveling vibes and all our hugs!



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