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  1. Hey, my sister-in-law recently sent me a link to one of your blogs, "Beauty Marks." My god I was bawling by the time I finished reading. Thank you for so eloquently spelling it out, it was beautiful. I know I constantly struggle with trying to cover up my stretch marks but I have never felt more confident or beautiful than I did after reading your blog. And I'm a lucky lady because my husband also tells me daily how beautiful I am. So thank you for writing it, I've been sharing the crap out of it on Facebook. :)

    -Chanel Harpster

    1. Chanel,

      Thank you so very much. I truly cannot tell you how very much it means to me. That post, is very near and dear to me, and it is so awesome to know that other mothers out there understand, and can relate.

      You made my day! Your support and sweetness was heart melting!

      Sending you big hugs!


  2. Just wanted to say I love your blog! I have two little boys and keep a private blog for them. I read you are moving to michigan. I am from Michigan and live in a great small town called brooklyn michigan and it's great especially in the summer! So many lakes and tons to do. If you have any questions about living in Michigan am glad to help you can email me at bdheider@gmail.com. Good luck on your move!

  3. Omg i love your outfit where did you get the shirt?


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