Feb 1, 2023

What Blogging Once Was

Yesterday while I was writing my post, DC came over to me. He pointed to the screen and said, "What's that?" It was in that moment that I realized he, Aida Mae, and SJ might someday visit this site. Will I do them proud? Have I written the right things? Did I record enough memories, while also being respectful of their privacy? 

I asked myself these questions years ago. That's when I stopped posting their faces on social media. I also kept stories about them closer to my heart. I want to respect them while at the same time recording my journey as their mother. That balance isn't as easy as one thinks. Sometimes, those lines get blurred. Creating a space where other mothers can join me in our struggles and joys of motherhood isn't always as simple as sharing what I want. I have to take into account that there are two sides to every story, and that in every story someone else is involved. I might choose to share my life, but that doesn't mean those around me want the same. 

Man, remember when blogging was easy and simple? I do. It was a picture of my outfit, followed with a weekend recap. Oh how things have changed.

Jan 31, 2023

The Evolution Of Marriage

Mister and I have been married over ten years now, and he is still my best friend. In so many ways our marriage has gotten better with time, like a fine wine. He knows me so well. We can talk about anything. On his days off all we want to do is get a burger or tacos and chat. He puts on a smile when I ask to wander Target afterward, even though I know he isn't the biggest fan. 

What makes a great husband? I don't have the exact recipe, but my tip is to marry someone who loves you unconditionally, doesn't expect you to be perfect (while also encouraging you to be your best self), and that listens when you share how you feel. Marry your best friend. That's what I would say.

It's the little moments I cherish most. The ones were we cuddle up together on the sofa or in bed, turn on a good show, and snack on something like homemade cookies or ice cream. I call those best friend moments. It's something so chill and casual, you could only do it with your very best friends. It requires no effort, and fills my cup right up. I do have one complaint, I wish the back rubs were longer, but we are working on that!

It's the simple things in life, y'all!

How people watch tv when they're-

Dating- hold hands

Engaged- cuddle

Married- one person turns up the volume while the other chokes on chips.

Jan 30, 2023

Things I Know About Motherhood

If there is one thing I know about motherhood it's that there is no one size fits all. That would be too easy, and if I know another thing about motherhood, it's that this shiz ain't easy.

We have three kids now, and it seems like they're the three bears from the Goldie Locks story. One is too big, one is too small, and one is just right. They each rotate which bear they are from day to day, and keeping up with each kid and their needs wipes me out.

There are never enough hours in the day. When the baby naps, it feels like it's a race against time. I'm trying to prioritize which tasks are most important and racing to get as much done as possible. 

Then, when SJ wakes up, I cuddle him and all I want is for time to stand still. Motherhood is a trip y'all, and time is a thief. 

One last thing I know about motherhood and the season of raising kids, is that it goes way too freaking fast. Sure, it can be exhausting. Sure, it can feel like you're in the trenches, but that's only some of the time, and the rest of it is full of baby laughs, funny things the kids say, and seeing the world through their innocent little eyes. Let's be the glass half full kind of parents. So that later in life, when we look back, we will remember only the best parts of the greatest thing we will ever do on earth.


Dec 1, 2022

Beauty Fades & Gratitude Grows

While watching Love Is Blind, as one does after the babies go to bed, I heard a cast member say something memorable. He said, "I won't look like this when I'm 80. I want someone that I have a deep connection with because that's what will matter..." or something to that effect. It struck me. 

This isn't something you think a lot about in your teens or early 20s because at that point you're truly just living day by day. You're young, dumb, and free (those were the days..). Your bank account is low (or empty) and the world revolves around you. Those things are important for self growth and learning, but eventually as you age life changes. 

Suddenly you're collecting wrinkles, greys, stretch marks, and maybe a few pounds. Your heart is full and you realize a few things. A report by Gallup from 2014 found that younger participants of a survey on body image weren't happy with their bodies, and that 75% of Americans over the age of 65 felt great about how they looked. 

With every year we age we are given the opportunity to learn more about the things that truly matter. Maybe we selflessly gave our bodies to make a human. We may never look the same again, but we have something valuable beyond belief. We have our children and we've found our purpose.

Every year we are humbled. We're given the opportunity to see past the distractions of the world and set our eyes and hearts on what truly matters. 

I like to think that as we age we will learn to be grateful for our bodies and the life we live. We will be more focused on purpose and less focused on chasing perfection. Let this give us hope that joy can be found when beauty fades and gratitude grows.

Nov 28, 2022

I Had A Baby

I had a baby, and that’s not a small thing.

I’m constantly evolving, and he’s growing with me.

I look in the mirror and don’t like what I see.

I know I need to be more grateful for what my body did for me.

My body will heal, but it won’t be the same.

It will be stronger and my mind will be tame.

Together we are growing my baby and me.

It takes time to adjust to all of these things, but I’m becoming a better woman because my baby choose me.

Nov 16, 2022

#1 New Mom Tip

Having a baby can cause a huge identity crisis. It’s a massive shift in priorities, and comes so quickly it can be hard to healthfully navigate. With hormones, the baby who needs you 24 / 7, and my other roles, it’s a lot.

That being said, I’ve created a list of non-negotiables. There are things I cannot give up, especially in the chaos of pregnancy and newborn mom life.

Here is my first tip-

After having each baby, I get so immersed in the cycle of nursing, burping, changing diapers, playing with the baby, and putting them down for a nap, that it feels like there isn’t time for anything else. Which in turn means there isn’t enough time to take care of me. That’s not true. There is always time. If I really want to make time for something I will.

Time for myself doesn’t have to be me going out to get a mani / pedi or a massage, because I legit don’t have time for that. It can be something as small as doing my makeup or taking a shower (even that is a commodity these days). And lately, that is exactly what my “me time” looks like. I find time at some point in my day (it isn’t always in the morning because some mornings are hectic ‘round here), but I get it done.

My mama always said, “When you feel your worst, dress your best.” That motto would explain my done up face and my ootds. Sometimes, you just gotta push yourself. Even if you don’t have anywhere to go, or anyone to see, you have to take the time to show up for yourself. You’re worth it, and it will make the world of a difference in your day.

Oct 14, 2022

it's me the former mommy blogger

hi. hello again. it's me the former mommy blogger. life is different now, but the same all over again. 

when i started here, i was a new mom. i was lost in newborn cuddles, teething, and trying to figure out how to manage a house, a husband, a baby, and myself. i was younger than. i was in my early 20s, and truth be told i felt like i had it figured out. 

i wasn't perfect at being a wife or mom, but i gave it my all and i felt fulfilled. now, in my 30s with two older kids, and a newborn i find myself constantly googling. i'm searching for answers, looking for expert advice, and needing more than just my intuition. 

during my 3rd pregnancy i thought, "3 kids i'm going to be an expert." now with the 3rd little bundle here, i realize i'm no expert. is it because i have lost my carefreeness? you know, that song "young, dumb, and free?" it must be true. the older you are the more aware you are, and dang it i wish i wasn't so aware. there is a power in living life carefree, and just following your gut.

i once went about motherhood, giving it my all, and thinking that was enough. lately however, having older kids i feel as though motherhood is much more complicated. it's not just about nursing, baby led weaning, and sleep training. my kids are creating lasting memories good and bad. suddenly, i'm teaching them about how to overcome trials and bullies. we have chats about being emotionally resilient and being kind to others.

i want to raise them feeling loved, heard, seen, valued, and educated. logically, i know no expert can tell me exactly what my kids need. i know that along the way in my motherhood journey i will make mistakes, as i have. my only hope is that my kids know i love them beyond words, that i'm not perfect, that i am trying as hard as i can.

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