Jun 26, 2019

Sale Time

Use the code DOUBLEYAY for an extra 20% off sale items!

Jun 18, 2019

Summer Dress For $30 Or Under

May Favorites And The Bachelorette

My husband can always tell when I've washed the dishes because they're still dirty after I "wash" them. Whoops.

I start every morning with either oatmeal or sourdough toast. I am 110% a creature of habit.

The Bachelorette episode last night was a total waste of time. 

Dear ABC Network, 

As an avid viewer of The Bachelor series, I did not, I repeat did not, need a recap of all the things that have happened thus far on the season. It was a total waste of time, and TV's across the nation where being turned off because it was a total atrocity. 

That is all. 


Jun 12, 2019

#FreeTheNip Bandwagon

In case you were wondering, don't buy nipple covers off Amazon. I love Amazon. Ya'll know this, but those things don't work. I got them for a swimsuit, and let's just say I looked like I jumped on the #FreeTheNip bandwagon, except it was not at all by choice. #Whoops

Everlane Try On Sess

Jun 10, 2019


Why is it that fewer things are more satisfying than taking off your bra or unbuttoning your pants at the end of the day?

Anyone else spend wayyy too much time trying to pick a color for your nails? There are always so many options.

I wonder, do I want to go neutral and natural?

Do I want a pop of color for summer?

Do I do red? No! Never red because that's impossible to get off.

Maybe that neutral color I saw on Meghan Markle?

Do I want my toes to match my fingers?

Goodness me! The options are frigging endless!

Anyone else do any of this...or is that just me? #StrengthInNumbers

Jun 7, 2019


I wanted to share some of my recent favorites for summer (can't believe that summer is finally here).

A lot of these pieces are from Amazon (...and a lot of them aren't). But, ya'll know how much I love me some Amazon.

Among my favorites, I am living for the tees and the polka dot ruffle blouse. That ruffle blouse is the cutest thing I've ever owned. I will be wearing these things all repeat all summer. Have you noticed I rarely take these sandals off?

Time for a capsule wardrobe? Any ever time a capsule wardrobe before?
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