Nov 3, 2017

Bits and Pieces

When I first met my husband there was instantly something "different" about him from all the guys I'd met.

Looking back now, I feel like most women who are married felt like that about their husbands.

For me that "different" factor in my husband was the kindness he showed me. It wasn't in big gestures, though there were plenty of those. Rather, it was in the day-to-day moments that he showed his kindness, combined ever so perfectly with his respect for me.

I had some bad experiences as a child, and those things had scarred me. I carried that pain around, never addressing it, never talking about it, and pretended the best I could that it didn't bother me, or that it never happened.

My mom always said that in order for me to truly love someone else, I would need to love myself. I don't think I understood that until I was in college. Finally, some moments in my life forced me to face my pain and heartache head on.

Of course, that's also when I met my husband. When he came into my life, I finally opened up to the pain of the past. I told him what I had gone through, what I was going through, what I was scared to tell others before him. I think a lot of that trust I had for him came because I saw his love for Christ.

I saw the way he respected his relationship with God. I saw the way he valued his promises he made before Him. I saw the way he loved our Heavenly Father, and thought that if he could love Him as much as he did, he could help love me, and he did.

I'm grateful for the man my husband is, and for the way he listened to what I had gone through and loved me more for it.

Dear Aida Mae,

I pray that you meet a man like your father. That he loves God, and that he loves you with more kindness and respect than you could dream. When you do, marry him. 

Treat him like gold, and hold his hand through every moment of your life. Let him be your best friend. Be kind. Be patient. Be true. 

Love always,


Oct 29, 2017


shirt // shoes // skirt // bag

I think moving to Florida is inevitable. My kids love it here, my husband loves it here, and I love it here!

The palm trees make me feel like I'm on an island somewhere.

Between the sunshine and no snow, it didn't take much convincing.

It's also my mom's favorite place. 

I figure if we moved here, everyone would come visit as soon as the first snow fall came. We could be everyone's free vacation location, and would get to see more of our friends and family. No one ever wants to come to visit in Michigan. "It's too cold," they say...I agree!

Hearing my son beg to collect shells and swim just melts my heart. Him and my daughter are little fishes. 

PS- They have Chipotle here! 

We were made for this place. 

Sending y'all sunshine!

Oct 26, 2017

Round Here

bag // shirt // sweater // shoes

I think my least favorite question during any given conversation is, "What's new with you guys?" The reason for that is nothing is ever "new" with us. In the best possible way, of course. Everyone is happy and healthy, and that's something I'm super grateful for, but the question almost makes me feel like I'm not adventurous or fun enough. Sorry kids!

Stress pimples can suck it.

Starbucks chocolate milk is bomb. Always is. Always will be.

I think the best way to describe me when I'm hungry is not hangry but salty, and the only thing that returns me back to my semi-sweet nature is Chiptole. Note to you my honey boo boo.

The other day, my kid asked his buddy if he wore diapers. They went on to have a full-on conversation about diapers versus underwear, and using the "potty for fun." It sounds like a Democrat talking to a Republican, and as you can imagine things got heated...(I might be exaggerating this a bit for humor purposes but...) Then, one of them said "poop," and there was a roar of laughter that filled the room. It was a laugh that only Jimmy Kimmel's "take your kids Halloween candy" videos can give me. Which reminds me, I need to film one of those for our family videos this Halloween. Second "sorry kids" this post. I'm a great mom...

I tried a new recipe for the Crockpot... and let me just say that the amount of prep that this recipe required before the actual cover and cook was way more advanced than I ever want to commit to again. Sorry Martha Stewart, your Crockpot recipes are too friggin' fancy for this hobo. I'll stick to my dump and go recipes. The only Crockpot recipes I can support are the kind you dump into the slow cooker and forget about. That's the whole reason for Crockpots! #Easy Sorry honey.


Oct 20, 2017

Round here

My husband and I have gotten a little more competitive with our workouts. He walks in from the gym and I'm all, "What did you do today?" Or I get home from the gym, and he's all "How many miles did you run?" Then we go and try and beat out the other one in our reps or speed. It's kinda cute, and I kinda like it. Trust me, it wasn't always this way. Post babies, I am so slow, and out of shape, that I would be like..."don't ask!"

I'm about 99.9% sure I don't have a "style." I like all sorts of clothes and home decor. I mean, take one look at my Pinterest, and you'll see I'm all over the place. You can follow me on Pinterest here.

My daughter has recently started playing with baby dolls by herself. She will tuck them in and give them a kiss. My heart bursts, and I am so proud of the little nurturer in her.

My son has been talking a lot about poop and toots. That's been fun...

I am so excited about Thanksgiving. I am already trying out new recipes for the big day. That and the Fourth of July are my favorite holidays. Hands down.

My living room has gotten a makeover and I am so happy about it. Our new sectional is the comfiest friggin' thing in all the planet. Our new wallpaper makes me literally giddy every time I see it, and my pillows... don't even get me started on those things. #Heaven

So happy it's Friday. So happy to live in Michigan. So happy to have my family. #GratefulHeart because tis the season!


Oct 18, 2017

Fall Must Haves + Some Serious Sales

Tips and Tricks For Eczema-Prone Skin

Not too long after my son turned one, I noticed he had a red scaly rash on his legs. My husband and I took him to see the pediatrician, who confirmed it was eczema.

Just in time for Eczema Awareness Month, here are some of the things that worked for us with our little one's eczema –

1. We took our little guy to the doctor. As a first-time mom, we took our son in for everything. I was also on a first name basis with the nurses...#AllTheQuestions #IHadBecomeOneOfThoseMoms

2. We talked to our doctor about ways to help treat his condition, and followed all their tips and tricks. One of the biggest things that worked for us was switching our laundry detergent to a fragrance free one.

3. We kept our son's skin hydrated, and from our experience with him, we do the same for our daughter. Every day (at least once or twice a day) I spread some of Mustela's Stelatopia Emollient Cream onto my kiddos' legs. That's the area I notice they get the patches first.

4. During bath time I make sure and use Mustela's Stelatopia Cleansing Cream. It's super hydrating, and I know that it will be my must-have all winter.

5. If I notice any patches popping up, I apply the Mustela Stelatopia Emollient Balm. This stuff has a rich texture and helps reduce the itching that comes with eczema on my kiddos' skin.

Mustela’s full Stelatopia line for eczema-prone skin has worked wonders on my kiddos eczema prone skin. The products are all fragrance-free and hypoallergenic with plant based ingredients like avocado perseose and sunflower oil. They even just released new cleansing wipes and a foam shampoo specifically formulated for eczema-prone kiddos which you know I’m excited to try!

Simple, easy, and all at my local Target. #winning 

This post is sponsored by Mustela. All thoughts, stories, and opinions expressed are my own. I am not a medical professional. This is just what works best for us.

Oct 16, 2017

Round here

Lately, my little lady (Aida), has been giving me a real run for my money. I don't know if it's because she's a girl, or because DC was such a little sweetheart, but man she's a whole different ball game. If any of you have daughters, what are your tips for teaching a girl to be kind and patient? I will take all the tips. Let me know in the comments down below.

I haven't worn heels in years. I bought these in hopes that it would be a catalyst for wearing pumps more. Sure enough, they've done the trick. I'm sold.  I felt like Meghan Markle. You know, when she's on an episode of Suits? She walks into a room and says something like, "Mike, you better fix this," in a stern but sassy voice, and stomps out. Only in my life it's more like, "Pick up those Cheerios!" 

I love the feelings that fall starts to bring. The gratitude that creeps in. I'm more grateful for sunny days. I'm grateful for the leaves changing colors. Heck, I'm even grateful for football! It's just such a happy time of year. We get full of excitement for the holidays. The best part of Halloween for me is giving out the candy. I love seeing the costumes and the smiles as kids fill up their bags of treats. It's awesome. 

I've also been making sure I get ready everyday and that I'm going to the gym. It's been such a game changer. Going to the gym is hard because honestly I hate going, but leaving the gym after a good workout, I'm always so motivated. It's that "wow, I did it" kind of feeling. Heaven knows that in the trenches of motherhood, that feeling is essential. So, if you aren't already, start getting ready (whatever that means for you), do some yoga, read a book, run a block. Do something that will give you that "wow, I did it" kind of feeling.

Cheers ladies. We've got this!


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