Apr 26, 2017

Top Secret Mom Club

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photos by- breanne rochelle photography

So there's a secret club where mothers can go to get large quantities of food! It's a magical place truly, but so secret in fact you have to show your "gold membership card" just to get in! It's super official. Your card has your picture on it, along with the year you became a member.

Now that I am letting you in on this special club, I might as well tell you the name. It's called Costco! On Saturdays, I think they just let anyone in though because it's slammed. Line out the door, no free food to be found anywhere, and carts packed to the brim.

Okay, so maybe this place isn't as secret as I thought, but I bet you don't know about the secret club that exists in their parking lot.

There is this private club on the outside of Costco. On Saturdays, the moms leave their kids with their husbands, get a Starbucks, and park as far out from the Costco doors as possible. They leave the car running, they catch up on Instagram and their favorite blogs, sip on the drink, and enjoy the silence. Then, they get in their exercise for the week by walking the mile to the front doors, and show their gold membership cards like the true bosses they are.

When their husbands text, "hey where are you?!" They smile and respond, "Saturdays at Costco... the lines are insane." Then they take their sweet time walking around, looking at all the things they don't need, but have never seen before, and then happily wait in the insane lines to checkout. All while sipping on the last of their drink, and feeling sorry for the moms at Costco who don't know about their secret club. This club is called the #CostcoSaturdayDaddyWatchesTheKidsClub, but don't tell anyone I told you.

Apr 24, 2017

Starbucks Unicorn Frapp Mayham

Things aren't always as they seem to be... 

I saw the Starbucks Unicorn Frapp, and I had to taste it, but just to make sure, I checked the Starbucks website for their assessment of the flavor. It read-

"Magical flavors start off sweet and fruity transforming to pleasantly sour. Swirl it to reveal a color-changing spectacle of purple and pink. It's finished with whipped cream-sprinkled pink and blue fairy powders."

I ordered my frapp, and was feeling pretty good about my decision. The time for a taste test had finally come. The make or break moment was here. I took a sip, and just like that... it all went down hill. The drink tasted terrible, and I had wasted 5 bucks on a drink I took one sip of. I was ashamed. This girl understands my pain.

There have been some key players in my life that have left me with a sour taste in my mouth just like the Starbucks Unicorn Frapp. At first glance they seemed perfect. They checked off all the boxes I had, and then bam! Twist ending! Either a few weeks, a few months, or even a few years later there is this tart, nasty taste left in my mouth that I can't shake.

To any of you who have had a similar experience- don't fret. No one is perfect. We are all a little tart, but the trick is to let go, move on, and try to be a little sweeter ourselves.

#LetItGo #FrozenReference 

Apr 21, 2017

Lost My iPhone

photos by- breanne rochelle photography

The other day, I was strapping my daughter into her carseat. Somehow my car is always full of baby stuff, and there is never any room for me to put my phone or wallet, so by default it goes on the roof. Bad idea. Always a bad idea.

Anyway, I strap her in, and jump in the car. My mom is riding shotgun and we are just chatting away. I hear something clunk behind me, and wonder "hey, what was that?", but our conversation is on a deep matter, so I brush it off.

When we pull up to our destination, like a wave, it hits me. Oh crap. I left my iPhone on the roof! I calmly say to my mom, "Mom, my phone flew off the roof of the car, and it's gone."

She looks at me super concerned because you know how these phone contracts go. No renewal in your contract means you pay out the wutang for a replacement. A little panicked, but firm in her faith in God, she says to me "I am praying for you. We will find it, and it will work."

We turn the car around to backtrack, and she's praying her little heart out, because she's trying to teach my son a life lesson. She wants him to know God hears you, He loves you, and that even the tiniest of things can be prayed about and answered if you have enough faith.

Still cool as a cucumber, but thinking my phone is totally wrecked, I say to my mom "let me try something". I pull over and sign into the "Track My Phone" app on her iPhone, and wait. My phone pings within seconds, blinking on a freeway we had just got on.

Following the GPS, I pulled over (as my phone was in the shoulder) and, in what could be called a true miracle, it was completely unharmed.

Some might say with some logic and science it all makes sense, but I instead proclaim it a dang miracle.

Happy Friday y'all!

Apr 19, 2017

Mommy Blogger

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Being a mom, all I want to do is move mountains for my kids the second they need me to do so. 

I will wash every dish they dirty, wipe every tear they cry, change every diaper they poop in, and kiss every skinned knee. I know just how much they love me, and I hope that as they grow, I can make them feel loved and appreciated always. I want them to know I see them, hear them, and that they are truly wonderful little beams of light in this world. They will grow up and prosper and make me so very proud as long as they remember who they are.

As a mommy blogger, I get to see the world I work in from both sides. I am both a follower of mommy bloggers and a creator. I see behind the curtain so many are curious to see behind. What lies behind the mysterious curtain of beautiful pictures, straight-out-of-magazine homes, perfectly styled outfits, and the ever so wonderfully-worded caption? The truth is, I'm just like you. 

I'm a mother with struggles, trials, tears, love, and a dream that one day I'll look back at all the pictures we took and say, "Man, I loved being their mom!" 

As a mommy blogger, I choose to take pictures of the my house when it's clean and not messy. I take pictures of my outfits just to share, and change back into my sweats or leggings, sometimes even my robe. I never wear makeup, and instead place a heavy filter over top. 

I have heard people say that mommy bloggers portray a lie about motherhood, and that might be true for some.  I accept that as their opinion, but I'm here to share my truth. I don't want to remember motherhood as a trench, or a hole where I lost myself in messes, and teething, and poop, and boogers, and laundry, and never-ending cleaning. I want to remember it for the random, rare moments, where I took a picture because I love photography and my kid was doing something so dang sweet, or where I got dressed because I saw an outfit on Pinterest that inspired me. 

Motherhood is one of the most selfless things any of us will do, and I hope that by sharing maybe I can inspire someone else (like so many on Pinterest inspire me). We are moms, and yes, there is so much for us to do, but we have thoughts, opinions, hobbies and interests. Blogging provides a way for me to explore those things once my kids are asleep and the dinner is put away, while my husband gets his homework done.

What is my message with all of this? No dear, this isn't word vomit. I promise I have a point. The point is no one is perfect, and we all have our crap to deal with. I like to think that my job is to share my vulnerabilities and let you know that something might look pretty in a picture, but in the caption (in the heart of the person) there is so much more than the eye can see.

So hug those babies, and let them know they're loved. Help them find their truth. This life is all about loving who you are and who you've got, and that is perhaps harder to achieve than perfection itself.

Apr 13, 2017

Mom Moment

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I drove to Target this week, and when we arrived I thought, "Crap! I left the garage open!" just as I was loading the kids into the cart. So we loaded back up into the car, and drove the twenty minutes back home. Forty minutes in the car later, we got home and, well, the garage was closed!

I was a little upset with myself when I saw that I had in fact closed it. Then, something incredible happened. My son said, "Yay! Good job mom you did close it! No one could steal our stuff!"

It was such a good reminder for me to see those glasses half-full and not half-empty. Funny thing, as my son grows, I swear he is teaching me just as much, if not more, than I am teaching him.

What a blessing he is in my life, and how amazing he is to remind me to take life a little slower, a little less serious, and to recognize the blessings of each day.

Love that kid!

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Apr 10, 2017

Fake it til you make it

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As a kid growing up, my mom would always have me make my bed. It didn't seem logical to me, because I would be gone the whole day at school, work, and various after school activities, only to return home and go to bed.

Why make my bed when all I was going to do was sleep in it? I still can't tell you why she had me make it, but I can tell you that having to make it everyday from the age of three to eighteen, I learned that a clean house is a happy one. 

Walking into my room with my bed made gave me this "ah, I'm home" feeling. As a mom of two, my house always seems to be a wreck. That's life with kids anyone will tell you, and I know it's okay to let a mess be here and there while my kids play, but still nothing beats a clean house. So, sure the kitchen and living room might look like a bomb went off, but at least my bed is made.... sometimes. Sorry mom. 

I dream of a maid who comes everyday and cleans, but that's not reality. So, I just sip on my Dr. Pepper, count to ten and get right back into the pile of Legos, kids, and dogs that awaits.

It's a messy life, but it's my life, and it sure is a dang good one!

Apr 7, 2017

Love Language

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The other night I told my husband, "I worry about you and how you are feeling or doing when you are at work." He responded with a smile, "Thank you for worrying about me. I love that you care so much about me and my happiness."

It was a simple message, and shared in just a few words, but the effects of that small conversation will last us a lifetime. I have talked about going on dates and making time to go out sans kiddos to invest in your marriage, but I think I have forgotten to share a bigger message. 

Sharing your feelings and your love for your spouse is such an important piece of a happy life with your best friend. Remember that just because you think it, doesn't mean they know how you feel. I thought my husband would know that after five years of marriage I worry about him and his happiness, and maybe he did, but he wanted or needed to hear me say it. That is his love language.

Five years in and I am still working on being the best wife I can be, but for him it is totally worth it. Love languages are no joke! What's your love language?

Cheers, and don't forget to subscribe to our emails in the top right toolbar, and comment down below about a little marriage story you might want to share.
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