Feb 15, 2019

What's in my cart- Take 4

I got a new pair of gym leggings, which was awesome...Until I finished my workout, crossed the entire gym to get to the locker room, and found that my butt was covered in sweat. It looked like I peed myself. Cool.

I was holding the door open for a man and his four kids, when suddenly Aida decided that the man was actually holding the door for her. She bolted out the door and headed for the parking lot. Scary mom moment with a side of panic and terror... check.

We got to the grocery store with a gift card in hand. I was excited to "buy" groceries and not have to pay! Then, the register laughed at me, and said, "cough it up, lady. groceries ain't cheap."

My son made me his very first Valentine's Day present on his own, and when he gave it to me, I most certainly did cry. "Don't worry, son! These are happy tears!"

Happy weekending, yall!

Feb 8, 2019

What's In My Cart

I had an epiphany earlier today when I realized a Starbucks Frapp costs more than a Panda Express Kids' Meal. I bet they're equally as terrible for your health, but in my opinion, you just get more bang for your buck with the dang Kids' Meal.

I hate doing laundry. I just felt like I needed to share that random tidbit because it never friggin' ends.

My daughter tooted on me and then laughed. She's just such a classy lady, that one is.

Not all my Amazon Prime clothing purchases are a success. I ordered a pair of camo joggers that looked like they came straight off the runway in the pictures, but when they arrived they looked more like I was wearing a poopy diaper...total palm to face moment. #YouCantWinEmAll

Feb 6, 2019

Yo' Dip

Yesterday my husband went to the gym. Me, myself, and I sat down with a bowl of homemade buffalo dip (because who EVEN am I if I’m not eating buffalo dip after the kids go to bed) and I watched the Good Doctor.
I cried like a baby watching the newest episode. It was like the Kim K dumping the Hump (pun intended) ugly cry-face. While I was crying though, I was also laughing at myself because at that moment of grand emotion, my husband walked in from the gym.
There I was, ugly cry-face and buffalo dip in hand…busted. I couldn’t help but laugh at myself, and to no avail my husband asked, “Is there any more dip for me?” …nope.

Feb 4, 2019

How Many Days Is Too Many

Motherhood to me means- if I find something that can be worn both out in public and into bed  I don't take it off. Of course, I will eventually change out of it when it needs to be washed...duh!

That being said, I've been wearing this for three days. I think it needs a wash...tomorrow.

Happy Monday, ya'll!

Feb 1, 2019

What's in my cart- Take 2

This week I decided that I wanted to try the rainbow sweater trend. Hence, all the rainbow sweaters for less than $25, might I add.

Of course, like all the trendy things I want to try, I turned to Ol' Faithful (Forever 21) because it's cheap!

I learned to love that store when I was in college. It seemed to always have the things I "needed" for all seasons and occasions at a price that I (a poor college girl) could afford. Now, two kids later, I'm still shopping there... 

For the Amazon Prime junkie who is thinking, "But, Mrs. Measom, it's Friday! Where's your Amazon cart goodies?!", don't you worry your pretty little heart, sugarplum! My Amazon obsession continues, and I've included those goodies in here too. 

I snagged the leopard cardi I shared last week in pink, and I'm pairing it with this black slip dress and white booties as my Valentine's Day outfit. If you're in the market for a quick, cheap, and cute little V-Day outfit, Prime that shiz, gf!

Is Amazon Prime sponsoring this post? Nope. 

Would I be opposed to it if they wanted to be a sponsor? Heck no! 

I love you Amazon! #ProudFanGirl though it's not something my husband is proud of. It's cool. He likes the Broncos, and you don't hear me complaining.

PS- I only bought one of the rainbow sweaters listed. Can you guess which one?

Jan 25, 2019

Amazon Cart Reveal Take 1

I'm starting to believe that if you want to know the inner workings of someone's mind, go through their Amazon purchases. True statement.

Nowadays, everyone gets everything from Amazon. I'm not sure what it is that makes them so incredible (though for some reason I think they are). Maybe for the free shipping, or subscription savings, or even Prime Music, we are all on Amazon.

My husband is starting to feel about Amazon the way some feel about Walmart. It's getting to big and doing too much, for him to feel comfortable Amazon Priming his every whim.

I... on the other hand, have absolutely no problem with it. It's convenient, and as a mom in a world that only seems to be getting busier by the millisecond, I'll take convenient!

Here's a look at what has been in my cart for the past few weeks, and prepare yourself, because these will be coming every single Friday!

Yay... welcome to the inner workings of my mind haha... just kidding...kind of.

Jan 1, 2019


image by-@lyssmoore
Dear 2019,
You’re here. You snuck up on us like a thief in the night… although you didn’t just steal precious time, you gave us some amazing memories.
This spring we traveled to South Carolina with the Mister’s family. We saw gators, we swam, we tanned, the boys golfed, there was spike ball played, and many a wonderful bike ride. My mom came and we updated our tiny little little bathroom. She bought us the most beautiful light fixture.
In the summer, DC learned how to ride a bike at Walmart, and of course we were all thrilled about that. “Where did you learn to ride a bike, DC?” family would ask. “In a Walmart,” he declared with great pride. We are real classy peeps ain’t we? DC also turned 5 this summer. Gosh, he’s such a sweetheart of a 5 year-old.
We took our talents to Utah for the 4th, and Aida enjoyed her first round of incredible fireworks displays all around the valley. DC also knocked down a piƱata on his first swing in the grandparents new digs!
In the fall, DC started kindergarten and he loved it. He started the semester already knowing all his alphabet, could count until 25, knew all the one dimensional shapes, colors, and how to read a few sight words. Now, he can count to 100, has 35 sight words down, and can read by breaking down words he doesn’t know. He has all the alphabet and the sounds the letters make down to a T. He is such a little reader.
My husband and I also visited Dallas and Waco. It was heaven on earth. We loved Dallas and all it had to offer. Waco was naturally my Disneyland. I didn’t want to leave. We were also beyond surprised to find that In-N-Out snuck its way into TX. You bet your bum we chowed while we toured those two cities. Food trucks, dives, cafes, and others were frequented - we are real self proclaimed foodies. If you have the chance, don’t miss the very free and very good art museum (and hope the parking meters are down again because #freeparking). We also found a little area with the most wonderful small businesses and darling window displays. It is almost like going back in time, before big businesses and chains. Man, after seeing that, I sure do wish we could go back to the way small businesses once flourished on every street corner. It was amazing.
I also was able to visit Nashville for a girl’s trip. I enjoyed every minute with my dear friend. It felt like when I was in college hitting up stores with my bestie, having sleep overs, and doing all the girl things without a single tantrum. I could actually browse stores, and chit chat without interruption. #simplepleasures. It was also nice being in the city where my husband had live for 2 years, falling in love with a city he too had fallen in love with a while back.
In the winter, Aida turned 3. That was a real tear jerker for us since she is the only thing we have close to a baby. We celebrated Christmas in Florida and we quite honestly never wanted to leave. In the spirit of unity, Grandma provided festive sombreros for the whole family which were a big hit with most, but attracted tasteful comments about wall building (hand to face)… We each wore our hat with pride as Grandma played paparazzi. Grandpa was also asked several times if he was DC’s father - those two are attached at the hip. How can you say bye to the warm bright sunshine, when you know you won’t feel that warmth of that sun for another 6 months… send help!
2018, you were a year of growth and traveling for the Measoms. We sure did enjoy you to the fullest. Here is to living in the present, letting go of the past, and letting the future be full of abundance and joy.
2019, we’re ready for you…or are we?!
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