Jan 12, 2020

Valentine's Day Looks

Jan 9, 2020

round here

dc hid when his sister heard him playing in the basement after she was put to bed. "how come he gets to stay up late? i heard him playing down here, mom!" coming out of his spot once she was gone, he whispered, "i'm like a thief, and she's the police. she's trying to throw me into jail." it still cracks me up thinking about it.

aida coming out of her room after bedtime to "give me a kiss!" then, immediately after, walking past her bowl of buttered pasta left over from dinner, and sneaking a single piece into her mouth all in one sneaky move. i wonder what she will be when she grows up. an fbi agent? that girl is slick.

does anyone else feel like instagram knows their innermost thoughts? on my explore page there is currently motivation quotes, financial planning memes, and meghan markle outfit pics.

the other day i found that there seems to be an entire section of books at the book store dedicated to helping you believe in yourself.

it was mind blowing to me, but also 100% understandable.

we live in a time where you can be and do anything, but believing in yourself is a commodity.

why is that? why do we need a book, written by a stranger, to give us the ability to love ourselves and go after our goals?

i'm going to guess it's because we all have a little voice in our head that tells us we aren't good enough.

well, i'm a stranger. you don't know me. and this is free. you can do anything. don't let that voice keep you from reaching for the stars. you have worth. you have skills. you can do great things. you are great. i believe in you.

now, if only i could take my own advice.

Jan 7, 2020

First Amazon Haul of 2020

Jan 6, 2020

round here

shop this look- dress // shoes // bag

chucky cheese is still a fun place. sure it's dirty, and crawling with all kinds of germs, but there's something about getting a long strand of tickets! just ask my son. it was his first time realizing the thrill of beating the high score and watching the tickets just shoot out. he was hooked...i guess in a way chucky cheese is like a casino with rides...

i was super proud when we counted the tickets and he decided to "save" them. his exact words were, "i want to save lots of them! that way i can get a bigger prize!"

i love the way my daughter puts her head on my face so i will give her kisses mid-movie cuddle.

i laugh when my husband comes in for a morning kiss saying, "i brushed my teeth this morning. i get a kiss on the lippers."

funny how we can't turn off baby talk once we become parents.

it's a simple life, but it's a freaking great one.

Jan 2, 2020


Sometimes, you have to keep it spicy.
Put the kids to bed.
Send your husband off to the gym or to grab a treat from the grocery store. Something, very inconspicuous.
Lock the door.
Pull down the blinds.
Turn up your favorite song.
Change out of your work or everyday clothes, and get something a little saucy on.
Let your hair down.
Dance around while you light some candles or draw a nice warm bubble bath.
Let those hips sway, move those shoulders, and feel like the wonderful woman you are.
You are beautiful.
You are strong.
You are worthy of love.
Now, go and get some!

Night, ladies. He's here!

Dec 24, 2019

Christmas Eve

Today was a day for the books. Just sitting down and reflecting on the perfectly imperfect day fills my heart with so much joy and gratitude.

We woke up quite early (as kids do on days where presents are involved). We had a simple breakfast, and then... we drove off to Target because there were some last minute odds and ends to finish up.

We stopped at Starbucks, and when we got to Target we were surprised to find the stores had finally calmed down.  There was no rushing about. There were no insane lines. There were no grinch-like people, and it, in an odd way, felt like Christmas should. Maybe it was because it was 8:30 AM or maybe it was because it was Christmas Eve, but regardless it felt magical.

The kind of magic where things are quiet and slow, where your husband is off work, and your kids are home from school, and you can just enjoy your family and their laughter and jokes. A Christmas Eve where your heart is full, and you just feel so much love! Where you listen to what your kids want from Santa, and recount Christmases past. All of this while sipping on something warm and wandering the aisles of your family's favorite store. Truth be told, it is not my husband's favorite store. Home Depot is. But, the kids and I love Target and so my wonderful husband puts on his beautiful smile and let's the kids and I enjoy ourselves.

Guys, it was just so good! So simple.

We headed to Aunt Caroline's and Uncle John's. She had made cookies for our kiddos to decorate and taught them all the Christmas cookie tricks. We had brunch, and enjoyed her amazing breakfast pizza and homemade cinnamon rolls. There was more laughter and presents. They spoiled us rotten. DC even declared at home that they had given him "the best lego ever." He was so proud to build it, and every page would come to show us his progress.

We scored big because they gave us Omaha steaks. Heaven! God blessed us when he gave us them. Goodness me.

Left my heart filling that mushy gushy Christmas spirit. Made a broccoli casserole and Mexican hot chocolate and headed off to Aunt Erin's for dinner. There was a delicious ham and countless other things. Red tall Christmas candles glowed while we shared the Christmas story and laughed about Jersey things.

When we got home, the kids plated Santa his cookies and we read a perfect little book about Santa's life before he was the big guy in the red suit. While we read, the kids dozed off in our bed in their Christmas jammies, and I slipped away to write this post because I never ever want to forget the feelings I felt today.

We are abundantly blessed, and golly I know now more than ever that family and friends is all we need. Everything else is just stuff. So treat the people you love like gold, and always be ready to serve. Giving isn't just for Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you give all year, then those times of the year will be even more special because with each plate of cookies dropped off on your doorstep, or with each Christmas card you, will get to see the impact of the good you did that year.

Merry Christmas, ya'll. Love you!

Dec 12, 2019

Kindness in unexpected places

Every time we go to the post office, we find the sweetest ladies working there. Their kindness has the power to make my day. Sometimes they're the only adults I interact with in the dead of winter while my man is at work...well them and Mary at Starbucks!

The post office workers are always so kind to my kids. There is one woman in particular that has gone out of her way to connect with my kids on a personal level. She knows their names, and always wants to see how they are doing. She even stocks up on treats so that when kids come through she has something special for them. She raised 8 kids, and I will never be able to put into words how much her kindness means to me. 

On one visit during a very hard day, she saw me, and she asked, "Are you okay?" Tears rose to my eyes. It was a day full of trials, but I didn't dare speak them into words. She looked at me, this time as deeply in my eyes as she could from across the counter and said, "Some days are like this, but you'll be alright!"

When we got there today, she offered candy canes from her own personal stash. Looking at me, and saying "You know that one (pointing to Aida) has a special place in my heart. They are such good kids." 

When we got to the car, DC was bucking up his seatbelt when he said, "Mom, we should give them a Christmas treat for all their hard work. Plus, they're always so kind." My heart exploded. 

I had been feeling as though my kids were asking more than they were giving, and when he said that, all was right with the world. He showed me he understood the true meaning of Christmas. It was more than what Santa or his parents were going to give him, it was about giving. 

That was the best gift he could give me, and was an instant "we are doing something right" moment.

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