Jun 27, 2017

What I saw Today

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Things I saw today-

I saw a lady get out of a man's car with a superhero metal lunch box, and head into a strip club. I was sitting at a red light on my way to Shake Shack, so at the time I didn't think much of it because, well, I was hungry.

I saw a husband and his wife holding hands, until she realized a car was coming in hot to a parking spot. She immediately let go of her husband's hand, and took off full speed ahead. Leaving him behind, and ensuring her own safety. 

During a diaper change, my daughter decided she wanted nothing to do with getting a clean bum. She tried to crawl away, though I cleaned her up, put on the new diap, and went to toss the dirty one out. To my dismay, I saw that my entire arm was covered in turd skid.

That's what I saw today, but at least there was some Shake Shack. Am I right?

The City Select LUX

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When I push this stroller, I feel like I'm in the scene out of What to Expect When You're Expecting. You know, the one where the dads are all pushing their strollers in the park to the beat of a rap song? Their kiddos in their strollers bouncing around. The dads feeling their daddy swag! 

Granted I'm a mom, not a dad of course, but I walk around pushing this stroller feeling my swag to the beat of a rap song no one else can hear. 

Here's the thing, motherhood changes so much about a woman. We give up a lot along this journey. I've learned that in this life of total selflessness and making our kids happy, if I find little bits of joy for myself in the mundane days of servitude (like a Starbucks drink or car nap), I laugh more, and feel happier. 

One thing that makes me feel joy is adventuring with my kids. It's always fun walking around a new downtown area we haven't seen before. I love seeing the world through their eyes. I load them up in my City Select LUX, and out we go. The City Select LUX is top notch, and as far as double strollers go it doesn't break the bank. 

I get a lot of questions about what double we use, and this one (the City Select LUX) is the one I've got in the trunk of my car as I type. It's a no nonsense kinda gadget. It fits and it leaves a little room for a few groceries, while also being the easiest double I've tested in the maneuvering department. All it's missing now is a newborn. #WinkyFace #HintHint

Thank you Baby Jogger for partnering with us on this post.

Jun 26, 2017

Things I'm Not

I'm not a model. I'm not a signer. I can't sew for my life. If you asked me to change a flat tire, I would call Triple A because momma ain't raise no fool.

Sometimes, as an outsider I can look at someone and think they have it all together, but no one is perfect. Duh, of course I already knew that, but sometimes I feel like I can forget. I get lost in the blog I'm are reading, or the feed I'm scrolling through, and I start to think someone poops glitter and roses.

In a world where there are fake tans and extensions like mine, and "FInstas" (fake Instagrams with the pictures of life no one would dare post to their "real" account), I'm learning to take everything with a grain of salt.

Jun 24, 2017

30-something and they love it

I hear that you do a lot of growing in your 30's. That you care less about the stupid things, and come to know more about yourself. I've also heard, via a recent study, that a woman feels the most comfortable with her body at 70. Who knew?

My grandmother said that she learned to let go of the bad experiences she held onto her whole life at 50, and that the things that once made her mad didn't anymore at 60.

I'm only in my 20's, and I started to panic that life after 20-anything would be sub par. That's what society and media all show, but after listening to what my mom and grandma shared, I'm realizing that older means being more content with yourself and your life. #BringOnTheGreys #AreThereClubJackets

Jun 22, 2017

The Fourth of July

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I love the Fourth Of July. It has easily become one of my favorite holidays.  I love it because there are no gifts involved. It's just about celebrating this great country, and the freedoms we get to enjoy because of the heroic men and women who serve it.

I love the food, the smell of the grill, the fresh fruit, the red, white, and blue deserts. It is all prepared and cooked in the spirit of celebrating with those we love, and feeling thankful. It's almost like Thanksgiving, I guess, except the weather is warmer, the horseshoe toss is out, and the tans are on point.

Is it weird that I am thinking about doing a Cajun broil for our Fourth of July party this year? We kept it classic and simple last year, with the usual burgers, hot dogs, salad, but this year I am feeling a little bit spicy. Pun intended y'all.

I went to get my eyebrows done, as one would do when her brows are trying to hold hands, and the lady threading them for me was from Iraq. We got to talking, and she told me that she has been in the US for 10 years. She said I might have been born and raised in Iraq, but this is my country (talking about America). She was mid to late 30's when she moved to the States, and went on to say, "I love it here because the people are so accepting." It hit me hard. This is my country. I am so lucky to be here. Cheers

*in partnership with madewell.
photos by- breanne rochelle photography

Jun 21, 2017

Mi Casa Es Su Casa

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 photo home12_zps73ythjzc.jpg  photo home13_zpskoyigl8y.jpg

Light, bright, and not cluttered, Alexandra Fanucci hit the nail on the head when she designed her home.

She played with shapes and shades in her bathroom, using a sleek and stylish hexagon tile. She warmed the space with wood and some gold sconces. 

Her master suite showcases a modern bed, that pulls in some comfy vibes with its textile covered base and headboard. She kept it light and bright with some white paint, white sheets, and white sconce. She ties in some warmth and character with the home's original hardwood floors, and bold blinds. It all meshes together beautifully to create a serene space for resting.

The theme of bright and light continues throughout her home as she plays with the neutral color scheme. It makes each room feel happy and spacious.

Sometimes, when a lot of white and beige goes into a room, it can lose it's character. If you pair those neutral colors with the warmth of hardwood floors, or pops of color in artwork and textiles, the missing character is reintroduced. 

*home owner can be found as @alexandrafanucci on Instagram. Don't forget, if you want your home or a room in your space to be featured, send us an email with a short bio and some pictures @ xomrsmeasom@gmail.com.

Jun 19, 2017

My little boy

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Here is to tickle fights, blanket forts, dinosaurs, coding robots, cars, and so much more.

Being a mom to a boy has made me feel like I've got a little mini Mister by my side. They have so many of the same facial expressions, and say the same phrases. They're inseparable when Daddy gets home, and have their own inside jokes.

They watch Star Wars together, and mow the lawn. They put away the dishes together, and read bedtime stories.

Those ten months my son was growin' in my tum, I would wonder all about him. What he is has surpassed my wildest expectations, and all the little things he does that are just like my husband, well, those things make me laugh.

I've got two little Meas's, and man is it pretty cool.
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