Aug 15, 2017

5 Tips To Keeping A Tiny House Clean

With dogs comes a lot of shedding, and with kids come a lot of messes and sticky hands. Here are some of my top tips for keeping a tiny house clean with all the chaos.

1. Say no to stainless steel appliances. They can be your worst enemy. In a small space that often times opens into the kitchen, stainless steel appliances can be a constant cleaning nightmare. The first things to go when we bought our house were the stainless steel appliances, and that was the best thing we could have done. Dang, that fridge was a beast to keep clean. Buh-bye steel, hello retro.

2. Invest in a robotic vacuum. With dog hair everywhere, and whole muffins being tossed at our dark wooden floors on the regular, getting our bObi was a must. I found myself rotating between sweeping and vacuuming multiple times a day. Then, I had an epiphany. We only have 950 square feet of space, and that's something a handy dandy little bObi could handle like a boss. And thus, here we are. She was the best addition our family has ever made, outside of the kids that is...and the puppies.

3. Make the spots you clean enjoyable to be in. I am always washing dishes, and I found that lighting a candle, and staring at some fresh farmer's market flowers made all the difference in my attitude. Doing the dishes isn't so bad when you're enjoying the ambiance you've set for yourself. Some spa-like scents, a nice fresh bouquet of flowers, warm's like a day at the spa. Well, almost.
3b. Make a playlist for when you clean. This one is my favorite tip. It makes cleaning fun when my hips are swaying to Shakira, but who am I kidding, they're always swaying to Shakira... or Despacito.

4. Utilize the space you have that no one can see. Tuck bins under beds, sofas, and in closets to house all the random stuff you don't have a place for. This is the best tip for tiny home owners. You should see the amount of stuff you can put into a vacuum sealed bag and tuck under a bed. It's like Mary friggin' Poppin's bag under there! Also, be sure and get rid of all the things you never use. The less stuff you have the less you have to clean, hide, or even dust.

5. Be honest. You know how much time you have to dedicate to cleaning. You know what you can and can't do. If your house is a mess sometimes, it's okay. You'll get to it eventually. At least that's what I tell myself.


Aug 7, 2017

A Purple Heart For Every Mom

"Your life will never be the same." That's something everyone told me when I was expecting. I remember people telling me this over and over again. What no one ever told me was that my body would never be the same.

Let me start this post by saying I'm not going where you might think I might be going with this. There are millions of articles all over the internet about "postpartum weight loss" or "pregnancy weight gain." This isn't one of those posts. There are reports on staying fit while pregnant, and countless others about maneuvering your weight loss after having a baby. What I can't find is what happens after the weight is gone. When you're not pregnant, and you're not trying to lose weight, but you're staring at this body that's completely unfamiliar. That's what I wanna read.

The scale finally shows me the number I've been waiting for. It flashes up at me, and I stare down at it. I'm back... but am I really?

With my son I gained 70 pounds, and luckily it rolled right off. I did some working out, but somehow my body found its way back to its natural weight on its own. With my daughter, those 70 pounds found me again. Only this time it was way harder to drop it. I had to fight for every pound to fall off. When I stood on the scale and it said that magic number, I looked in the mirror, but didn't feel that I was "back." What happened? What changed? This wasn't the feeling I was expecting.

Postpartum weight loss is something we all talk about (and so is having a fit pregnancy), but the truth for me and my body is that no matter how healthy I am or how much weight I lost to get "back," I'll never truly have my pre-baby body back. There will be stretch marks, extra skin, malasma, and even more going on in the upper chest region.

I think we are always told to embrace our bodies as they are, but in the journey of becoming a mom everything happens so quickly that embracing my body is like trying to catch the superhero Flash! I'm pregnant. Then I'm not. Then I'm nursing. Then I'm not. Then I'm in postpartum weight loss mode. Then I'm not. This all happens in a matter of two or so years, and then I'm pregnant again. Forget about embracing. I'm just trying to keep up.

During motherhood our bodies morph so quickly. It's truly amazing to think of all that a mother's body goes through. Reflecting now, our bodies are soldiers. They carry lives, and help them survive. If my body is a soldier, then it's only natural it will have battle wounds. I wouldn't look at a hero with his or her Purple Heart, and think "wow they look awful!" I would feel grateful. I would respect and honor them. That is exactly what I owe my body. I need to respect and honor it. That's what this post is all about.

Aug 5, 2017

Nordstrom Sale is Coming to an End

Aug 4, 2017


Moments of the week included, but were not limited to-

Lots of Dr. Pepper because #hormones.
Talking about adoption and having another baby because #hormones.
Knowing that we want to adopt.
Naming our next baby in a hypothetical scenario.
Dreaming up businesses we wish we knew how to start, and starting some other big things.
We also had messes and dinners, laundry, and some sleepless nights because thunderstorms, but those are just the fun normal parts of everyday mom life, right?

Jul 31, 2017

My story as a millennial

If you watch my Instagram Stories, then you already know that I love listening to the Millennial podcast. One day while listening, it got me thinking, "What is my millennial story?" This is what I thought-

One story I have yet to hear is how millennial mom's are making their way through the world.

I'm a 20-something mom and wife of two kids. Just like many of you, I have my dreams and passions. I have aspirations of creating something from nothing. I always thought that maybe I would start a business, be a freelance photographer, or a designer, but in the back of my mind there was this constant nudge to have a family. Even when I was pursuing my career in marketing, the prize in my eyes was being a stay-at-home mom. Weird for a millennial with a passion for women's studies, huh?

I gave up the personal financial security offered by a full-time job with a 401k to go after a dream. I did it to raise a family. It might not be for everyone, but I know it's a story I wish I heard more of. I'm hoping to tell a story that inspires others to push through the struggles of young motherhood, and fight to be a millennial who raised frugal, kind-hearted, and accepting children.

This is my story. It's a story of raising our future. It might be a stretch for some, but if there's anything I've learned, it's that going for what you dream is better than never trying at all.


Jul 25, 2017

New Parent Bloopers, or shall I say poopers?

Motherhood means preparing for every possible scenario before leaving the house. Once, just shortly after having our son, my husband and I decided we would take our infant for his first trip to Park City, Utah. It was about a 45 minute drive from where we lived at the time, and it seemed like a good idea.

Off we went. Into the mountains, and ready to explore. To our dismay our son had done something with the letter "e" too. A not-so-little "explosion" out of his diaper. It was all up his back, soiling the clothes he was wearing, and the carseat. We panicked and turned to our diaper bag for support. It failed us, or rather, we failed it. We had no diapers, one wipe, and no spare clothes.

Down the mountain we rode, using our sole wipe to clean off what we could from our babe and his carseat. We found an overpriced pharmacy, and learned a valuable lesson as new parents. Overpack. It's never bad to carry around more than you need, rather than not having what you need when you need it.

Something we always carry around is our Mustela Skin Freshener. These are great for cleaning up our daughter's blowouts! Wish we had this stuff when our son made a mockery of his diaper. It leaves our babies' skin feeling smooth, hydrated, and refreshed. Duh!

We also love using their cleansing wipes. They're soft on our babies skin, and even on my face. We have loads of them at all times because we most certainly do not want to relive that Park City catastrophe! It's our favorite thing for a quick clean, that's gentle enough for our babies' skin.

So that's my little lesson. Stuff my bag with Mustela, always be prepared, and never stop adventuring.

There are so many fun memories to be made.

Sidenote- I also love carrying around magazines I've had for months, and have never been able to read. In case some car nap fairy's dust finds its way into my life, and I can catch up. Reading about Easter Eggs in July... Cheers mommas!

Thank you Mustela for partnering with us on this post! If you’re looking to uncover your babies skin type (my kiddos use their eczema-prone line), check out this video!

Jul 24, 2017

Me Time in a Sea of No Time

there comes a point in all of our lives, where we are forced to ask ourselves difficult questions. that time came for me a few months ago. there's a lot going on in my personal life. things that i have no control over, and some that i do, but both things were causing this constant gray cloud to follow me around.

i attempted to resolve the issues (the ones that were resolvable), and confront the ones that weren't, with love, honesty, and optimism, but ultimately i was left with that gray cloud on my tail. 

i opened up to a friend about some of the things going on, and she shared about a situation in her life that was ongoing. it was causing her to "be in this funk." she said she had been in it for a few months, and that she felt she couldn't climb out. i listened intently, and soon i realized she was explaining exactly what i was feeling.

we weren't going through similar situations or trials, but somehow our feelings intersected. we found ourselves in a pit, both trying to climb out.

before too long, more and more people were sharing similar feelings with me. one morning, before the sun had fully risen, and while the summer's heat had yet to creep in, i was holding a warm cup thinking, "maybe if we all highlighted the good things in our lives instead of trying to fix or control all the issues, we could remedy ourselves from the "funk" our trials had dragged us into."

life is always a series of choices. yes, we can't often choose the hand we are dealt, but we do have the opportunity to choose how we respond. 

i started listening to a podcast i love, taking walks with the dogs more frequently by myself, focusing and listening with no distractions to my kids, and learning to say yes more than i have in years. more yes's to a happier mom, wife, and friend.

yes to be a wife because having a life partner is magical. yes to having kids because baby cuddles are the closest thing to heaven. and yes to all their needs because i love them so much, i don't have time to say yes to me. make time. wake up early and enjoy a cup of silence. go to bed late because i said yes to watching a show or reading a book. make time. 

say yes to you, and make good choices. that's the remedy to said funk. 

it might take time, and most things do, but eventually we'll climb out. we always do.
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