Oct 27, 2020

i didn't appreciate hannah brown as much as i should have

i got my hair colored and cut. i feel like a new lady.

my kids and husband didn't notice, so that's good...right? tell that to the money i just spent doing my hair. womp. womp. 

there were three baskets of laundry folded. two bowls of buffalo dip eaten. one episode of the claire bachelorette watched.  

"i didn't appreciate hannah brown as much as i should have" -@ashleydamaske dm'ed me this

i won't lie i stress ate the crap out of those blue tortilla chips. claire wasting all the other guys' time made me uber uncomfortable.

typed the word uber...and wondered if that was trademarked. what a strange world ya'll.

soccer is always playing in the background now. not as much football...interesting interesting.

yesterday we had chili. today we had chicken noodle soup. must be fall!

Oct 26, 2020


we spent one hour in a shoe store looking for shoes today. 

i'm more of a get in, get out shopping kind of girl. i know what i am looking for, and if i don't find it i leave. but, today at this particular store, there was a BOGO 50% OFF and that sent things out of control.

we went in for ONE pair of shoes for aida. she needed some fall / winter shoes, but then when i saw the BOGO 50% OFF i felt obligated to get DC another pair for when he grows out of his current shoes. i couldn't decided if he needed church shoes or sneakers. then, i didn't know what size he would be, or even what size he is. you see he wasn't there, and maybe that's why it was so much harder. i didn't want to pick out a pair that was too plain or too colorful. there was just too many choices.

when i finally made a choice, they didn't have his size. and round and round this went until i gave up.

needless to say, we left with ONE pair of shoes, and i was kinda glad i didn't leave with a second pair...until i realized that i lost 50% OFF shoes i would need in a few months anyway...curse you BOGO bastards.

Oct 21, 2020

men have it so darn easy

i watched aida playing today and thought, "how did she get so big?" 

i just love her. she is my best friend. it's a close tie with my mom of course. i love you mom. as i type aida is having her daily facetime playdate with my mom. they are precious.

when did i start hating getting dressed? 

was it during pregnancy when my first trimester bump looked like i had some serious bloat? was it near the end of pregnancy when the bump wasn't cute anymore? you know, the awful stage when you get "any day now" comments from every strange passerby at 30 weeks? 

"no, sir. i've still got 10 more weeks, and i'm only going to be doubling in size by then. thanks"

was it after kids, when my abs had been ripped so far apart you could park a chrysler pacifica between them? was it when i still had 60 pounds to lose? 

nah, maybe it was when my boobs had gone from a negative a to full on jessica rabbit. you know when they were more like utters, and had to be easily popped out of whatever top i was wearing?

oh the joys of getting dressed during the crazy stages of womanhood. 

and this is when i realize men have it so darn easy. gosh dangit!

Oct 19, 2020

biscuits and gravy...maybe

while making dinner tonight-
> i had to check the expiration on the self-rising flour we have. it expired last september.
> i looked up how to make a buttermilk substitute because we don't have any buttermilk. i also had to do math in the process, which is never a good thing.
> i did a sniff test on the sausage.
> let's just pray this meal turns out, and if it does, then it was a miracle. hooray! we didn't have to waste any food, and we got to use up things that were clearly on the brink of some serious stink.

time for the bachelor...or is that tomorrow now?
watching that trash of a show was the only good thing to happen to my monday. where is the good part of mondays now? and if you respond, "you get to start a new week," your optimism would be better served around here on a friday. 

anddd...tomorrow is WTF tuesday. gird your loins. 

Oct 15, 2020

Baby Number Three

dc and i got some alone time today. we headed to barnes and nobles, looked at all the legos and cars, and had a little chiptole (his favorite). then, we dropped off a treat for a friend of ours who is due any day. he wanted to be the elf who left the pressie at her door. so of course, i obliged.

we chatted in the car and road bikes. we played cars at home and laugh at our silly jokes.

i love being his mom. i love that he introduced me to playing cars, legos, harry potter, and wheelies. being a boy's mom is kinda freakin awesome.

i wouldn't mind a few more of him running around. Time for another?

Oct 13, 2020


a starbucks chai tea with pumpkin cold foam - magical.

going to the grocery alone is blissful.

a quiet house is a darn miracle.

i forgot what a gift silence can be, but i also know i couldn't live without listening to my sweet kids chat and giggle their way through the day. until my kids start fighting, then silence would be nice.

Text to my husband-

Me- (picture above)

Me- "Caption this"

Him- "When your face says easy-breezy but your venti Starbucks says make it stop."

He nailed it. #HeyMisterCaptionThis

Oct 12, 2020

witch's night out

watching my kids play soccer all weekend, i thought to myself, "how are we here already?" how are these tiny little humans that slept on my chest big enough to be running around on a field? Go number 9!

i gave up coke two weeks ago. it has not been a happy experience. #ICaveIt 

we are in the middle of october and it is still warm and sunny here. what is this place and how am i lucky enough to live here? 

coming from michigan with its long, dark, cold winters really i have been humbled. i am so grateful for the warm sunny fall days here.

i had a witch's night out this weekend. i did a cat eye and sanderson sister red lips, but instead i looked like a taylor swift wannabe. whoopsie. 

the witch's night out was an early birthday celebration. i have always wanted a halloween themed birthday, but my mom is latina so naturally all things halloween are canceled because #VerySuperstitious. 

my friend's spoiled me. it was gorgeous. there were hanging bats and witches hats from the ceiling, cotton candy, and the most amazing company. these girls are just angels.

2020 has been an interesting year to say the least, but it has taught me to look for the good where i can find it. 

i'm grateful to be in texas. i'm grateful for the people we have met here, and i'm grateful for the opportunity to grow.

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