Jan 24, 2022

mornings these days

credit- nathan schroder
(if you're wondering what the pictures above are, they're my pin-spiration for our media room. i have been meaning to decorate the space for quite some time now. since it's a large rectangular room,  i haven't been able to figure out how i want the layout to go, but we are getting close!)

mornings these days go like this...


brush my teeth with this toothpaste.

wash my face with this face wash.

apply this moisturizer. it is dry out here. my skin drinks this stuff up! 

get the kids all ready for the day.

get dressed...usually i slip into this pair of sweats. i have a few colors...whoops.

put on socks, which i never use to do.

slip on my birks.

open all the blinds.

make the bed.

go to starbucks for a hot chocolate. 

place my order- tall. one extra pump mocha. three pumps vanilla. extra hot.

read the bible. 

say another prayer.

then...the day gets busy. but, at least i started the day off right. it makes all the difference in my book.

what's your morning routine? let me know in the comments below or on my latest instagram post. i read all your comments, and love getting to know y'all better!

happy monday sis!

bonus notetoday aida mae was my hyper girl. 

she was in the bathroom watching me wash my face. she saw me put my moisturizer on, and asked what it was. i told her it was cream. she quickly replied, "mom, you don't need makeup." i smiled, so grateful for her kindness, and said, "honey, this isn't makeup. it's just cream to keep my face soft." she snapped back, "i know. but... when you sit down at your desk you will put your makeup on after. you don't need to do that mom. you're beautiful just like this!" i almost cried. 

she is the sweetest little girl in all the land, and i am beyond blessed to have her as my best friend.

Jan 19, 2022

Blazin' Trails

i painted my nails a color called "blazin' trails" today. it feels right, especially since we're moving into a new season. 

fall is amazing because it means candles, sweaters, being cozy, and feeling thankful. winter is lovely because it brings christmas spirit. january and february just stink. i am not a fan of mid to late winter. who's ready for spring? raise your hands!

sometimes life can be tricky, messy, hard, and overwhelming. in those moments, i paint my nails, do a workout, drink a grapefruit spindrift and watch a show. it's the simple things in life...isn't it?

i like to hope for the best, but sometimes i expect the worst. it's the pits. i need to change my mindset fo' sho.

there is some much to be grateful for. i am going to start writing down five things i'm thankful for every morning. who's with me?

Jan 5, 2022

Valentine's Day Sweaters 2022

Dec 16, 2021

spoke too soon

remember that present i was so excited to give my husband? luckily, i got my order in on time, so it will arrive before christmas. unluckily, i got the wrong damn size.

remember how i was so excited to say i worked out? well i'm sore today, so i am much less enthused.

on the bright side, it's a gorgeous day. i'm going to workout anyway, and i re-ordered the right size (which probably won't come until after christmas).

i've learned that sometimes satan will try to get you down, and to him i say f....i mean "not today bud".

see you tomorrow. same time. same place. love ya!

Dec 15, 2021

place your bets

i went looking for some ugly christmas sweaters today. there were none. naturally. they're gone. socks, underwear, toothbrush there are plenty of. it's the ugly christmas sweaters that are gone? of course. naturally.

i'm the worst at keeping secrets from the mister. i want to tell him what i got him for christmas, but i can't. i want it to be a surprise. the struggle is real. i'm so excited i feel like i'll crack before then. place your bets. will i make it?

currently craving in-n-out with a cherry coke. 

oh, oh! i worked out today for the first time in forever. it wasn't anything intense, just a little simple workout that i felt prompted to do. it was a small step towards some goals i am setting for myself. 

i have the best homemade hot chocolate recipe. it's going to be the thing i make for my future grandkids. it'll be what makes christmas feel like christmas at grandma's. now, i'm looking for a homemade marshmallow recipe to go with it. remind me to add a candy thermometer to my cart will ya? thanks, sis. 

michael buble has the best christmas album. it's fabulous. jamming to it as i type this post, while smelling the goji tarocco orange candle i was telling y'all about. 'tis the season. 

see you tomorrow. same time. same place. love ya!

Dec 14, 2021


dc is answering with "yes ma'am" now and it's the cutest thing. he learned it from his texas buds. the manners here are ah-mazing.

he can't stop talking about how much he loves his legos again. he goes in cycles with his interests. he loves something and plays with it for a while and then moves on to something else. coming back later to a previous interest like it's first time ever seeing it. you know, like a boy in high school with his cheerleader ex girlfriend.

i heard someone say that uggs are back in. i never stopped wearing them so i guess i was ahead of that trend huh? or am i just old? whoops.

when people say, "your acne will go away when you're an adult," they're lying. i'm stilling getting hormonal breakouts, only now they're intermingling with wrinkles. wtf?

every time i pass a mirror and see my new haircut, i think damn my husband did a great job. i should have tipped him. i'll do that tonight.

well, off to target in my uggs. probably grab a starbucks. you know, basic girl shiz. #basicandiknowit

see you here tomorrow for another new post? same time. same place.

love ya!

Dec 13, 2021

love ya!

why is it that all the good stuff is either sold out or impossible to find? for example, i found the stanley quencher tumbler at williams sonoma in the color stone. i loved it and added it to my cart. then, i kept browsing (big mistake, huge). bam. those suckers sold out! curse you internet hype! 

minding my own business again, i went looking for the goji tarocco orange 16 oz candle. gone. those suckers were sold out every-freaking-where. surprise, surprise.

on a brighter note, it was in the 80's last week. we quite enjoyed every second of it. we played outside, went for walks, had some playground time. it was a sweet little christmas miracle. 

christmas is just around the corner, and i am trying my very to soak up every second of this sweet season and the spirit of it.

see you here tomorrow for another new post? same time. same place.

love ya!

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