Dec 15, 2023

Christmas is around the corner


The presents are all wrapped and are under the tree. Our families are on their way. The guest bedroom is prepped, and the holiday cookies are waiting to be delivered. 

Every year, the kids make loads of different Christmas crafts. We mail some off to grandparents, but I keep most of them. I need to find a better way to save and organize them. They're such treasures. My little Picasos!

Today, Aida Mae was so proud to show off the marshmallow sling shot she made out of popsicle sticks. She would shoot Christmas tree marshmallows, DC would catch them, and SJ would laugh his little heart out. This went on for a solid 15 minutes, and it was heaven.

Christmas is around the corner. Once October rolls around, time just seems to fly. I try to soak up every second of fall and Christmas, but goodness it flies by.

I headed off to Walmart to pickup some new sheets for our guests and a red dress for Christmas. Luckily for me, I found the luxe number featured above. I love that I can wear it from winter into summer. It's the perfect dress for any occasion, and is a great length. It would be a great dress for a nursing mama, anyone postpartum, and can be perfect as a maternity dress. I find so many of my wardrobe staples at Walmart. I can find anything from a basic ribbed tee to trendy silver shoes there. 

Now, I just need to get a few stocking stuffer and I will be all set...crap. I need matching jammies. 

Hope y'all are making some great Christmas memories.


Mrs. Measom 

Thank you Walmart for sponsoring this post.

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