Mar 18, 2014

My diet // workout routine

 me 9 months postpartum
(side one) me 3 months postpartum (side two) seven months postpartum
stay dedicated, you can do it!

The saying early to bed, early to rise, is a great proverb to live by, actually getting a full nights rest would be amazing, but unfortunately that never happens. Having a child changes so much about a mother's life, in such a short period of time, that it is hard to really see all the adjustments. 

I have been getting a bunch of requests about my daily diet / workout regimen, and so here I am, about to share my daily routine with the world wide web. Insert scared cringe here. 

1 grapefruit
1 piece of whole wheat toast
(be sure to eat within an hour of waking up)

unlimited veggies (always fresh never frozen)
1 piece pita, and red pepper hummus 
1 chicken breast

1/2 cup greek yogurt (vanilla + honey flavor)
1/2 cup almond granola

pasta with chicken
soup with chicken
veggies with chicken
(protein is key when you are working out)

My main objective is to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, and very rare, if ever, anything processed. The cleaner it is (or the "fresher") it is the better it is for you. Try and steer clear of chips, cookies, and anything in those all processed isles of the grocery store. My trick to avoid such temptations is to go to markets where there aren't really isles, and mainly just fresh produce. If it doesn't go bad in two weeks, it's probably not good enough to put into your tum. I also encourage you all to challenge yourself to drink water, and only water. Allowing yourself that occasional (one a week) slip, but the second you cut out juices and soda's, the difference in your body and its overall health, is literally immediate. 

As far as workouts go, I rotate between interval training and strength building yoga. In my personal opinion being skinny isn't beautiful, but being healthy, fit, and tone is. I want to have defined muscle tone, not body builder style, but just enough that it shows how hard I work to be in shape.

Hope this helps!

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