Mar 21, 2014


DC is teething and also releasing a few days of "backup" (thanks to some serious constipation). Making for one hell of a wtf + truthful friday! At about 6 am, he woke up with a scream I have never heard before. He has been crying and pooping ever since. Three poops, make that four (surprise surprise), and no naps later, I am beyond exhausted. He is cutting three teeth at one time, and that would explain my sudden stint of not blogging.

It is the most demanding thing, this motherhood job, and takes a lot out of me for sure. While having a nanny would be soooo helpful on days like today, I don't think I'd trust them enough to take care of my baby on his worst of days. In all honesty, even I feel like pulling my hair out, and he's mine!

Anywaysss, cutting teeth well its pretty much the devil, but in those moments where he looks up at me, in the real muck of the crying and screaming, and smiles I forget all about the craziness. That smile. I mean, it melts me.

The truth is, I haven't worn makeup, done my hair, or showered in days. Gross.
The truth is, I cut my own bangs with my kitchen scissors. Grosser.
The truth is, I texted my husband to come home for a bit so I could shower and eat.
The truth is, he came home, and man what a difference that made. I feel like a new woman.
The truth is, I love the crap out of my husband.
The truth is, I am so proud of that amazing man I call mine.
The truth is, my son's smile now consists of two and a half teeth, and I love it!
The truth is, I am starting to really love the direction my body is going, thanks to these workouts.
The truth is, I love all my readers and Instagram followers! You guys are seriously amazing.
The truth is, I am pretty dang blessed!

|| the home decor pictures are from Pinterest, & the picture of me was taken by Lindsay Dee ||

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  1. What an incredible momma! I haven't even had my LO yet and I'm in a slump! I've been high strung lately and snapping at everyone because I'm so sick of the unwanted "advice" people feel the need to give when they find out you're expecting. I also feel incredibly ungrateful because I'm so miserable with my current living situation and it's easy to forget all the amazing blessings I have. It's inspiring how you get to the point of wanting to tear your hair out and still remember your blessings at the end of the day. Being a momma is hard even before baby gets here!


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