Mar 23, 2014

Summer is worth working towards


Marriage is something of great importance. It is a promise, a sacrifice, a test of your patience, your loyalty, and of your faith. No marriage is the same, just like no two people are identical. No marriage is perfect, just as no person is flawless.

I need you to use your imagination for a moment, as I explain the complexity of marriage. This is no easy task.

Okay, so when you first get married, basically you have before you a huge oak tree (the oak represents marriage). You didn't plant it, you didn't watch it grow, you just have this massive freakin' tree. Just smack in the front of your lawn. Bam! Someone hands you this huge freakin' oak! You look at it all proud, and so excited, and you're over the moon. Then, you realize it is summer (or the newlywed/honeymoon stage of your marriage), and all you have to do is water it. Not so hard right? So you know, every so often you give it the love and attention it needs, and you water it. Easy. 

But then, fall comes (the next "season" of a marriage). That's when you realize that this huge oak does this crazy thing! Oh crap, it sheds! It just leaves this huge leafs everywhere! So imagine you have O.C.D! You're pissed, but you love this oak, so you suck it up, and you rake them leaves. You rake, and rake, and then you rake some more. Finally all that tree's leaves are raked up. Phew. Or so you think.

So, you stand back, and you look at that huge pile of leaves you cleaned up, and you're all hell yea! That's better. But then, the tree does the unthinkable. It's still fall, so more leafs fall. They keep falling. One after another after another. The leafs here represent the flaws and problems you and your spouse start to have. Sorry, the honeymoon is over! Suddenly, this tree is starting to require a lot more work, and you have no idea what you are doing, so you are just going with it. This is the oh for pete's sake, this is hard stage.

Winter rolls around, and it has no mercy. Now, you've got this huge dead tree, and it's not pretty at all. It's so ugly, you don't even want to look at it. Now you have two choices, give it a trim, and hope that it helps to restore the luster. . . eventually, or just say "well, it's dead," and give up on the tree. Just abandoning it. Winter, in this case, represents the unresolved problems that seem to make or break a marriage. The potential for a divorce, or the potential to become humble and selfless, and make it work. So the trimmers, that climb that massive ladder, and work their butts off to cut those branches, and restore the luster, they make it to reap the beauty of summer and that beauty of a tree. 

Granted, every marriage has it's circumstance, and some things are just too big to fix, but for the things that can be mended, the tending is way worth it in the long haul. Like a famous proverb teaches "nothing worth having comes easy." A good strong marriage certainly does not come without it's fair share of work. 

Hope this makes sense, and get's us all into gear, with summer on the horizon.

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  1. Oh man, why are there no comments on this post yet? I think this is a beautiful way of describing marriage and that relationship! After a difficult time last fall + winter, we've made it back to a really good place.

    And then I found this quote from Brad Wilcox | "I know young married couples who find out after the sealing ceremony is over that marriage requires adjustments. The pressures of life mount, and stress starts taking its toll financially, spiritually, and even sexually. Mistakes are made. Walls go up. And pretty soon these husbands and wives are talking with divorce lawyers rather than talking with each other. These couples don’t understand grace."


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