Mar 26, 2014

Date Night // Randomness

It is so refreshing to go on dates with my main squeeze! We probably get about one day a week where we can actually be together for most of the day, so we soak up those days like Snow White needs the sun!

Luckily DC's grandmother is obsessed, and she will shoot me a text all, "I can babysit the little man on Tuesday. Just saying." How can you say no to that, especially with the nonchalant "just saying"?! So, we planned a trip to a taco joint, and a viewing of the movie Divergent. The taco place is hands down the bomb dot com, and the movie was pretty good. 

We are a tad picky about going to the movies, especially because we don't like scary ones, and I swear that's all the make lately. Gross. This movie was kinda different than most nowadays, because there are no sex scenes, and they don't show them shooting anyone. It was kinda nice for a squeamish girl such as myself. Of course, it was no Secret Life of Walter Mity, but it was good. 

The Mister and I held hands, for a majority of the date, and it made me feel like I was 16 all over again. Just a baby in love, and deeply attracted to the guy looking over at me, sending chills down my spine, and goosebumps over my arms. Did I mention he is a dreamboat with the sparkly blues of his? 

These last two bits are gonna be random but I got some taro boba, after over a year of no such luck finding a spot with it, and man was it yum! Lastly, I am obsessed with Shakira's voice, and every time her commercial for Target comes on, I grab DC, and we do a little dance around the house!

There you have it folks, I am just a baby madly in love with my husband & son, and addicted to taro boba and Shakira. Sorry T-Swift, I've moved on.


  1. Wasn't Walter Mitty the best? I feel like no movie can ever make me that happy ever again, lol. Where'd you get that cute sweater? I kinda love it!

    Stefani @ C'est Si Bon

  2. So fun! I wish we lived closer to family so we could get date nights! You two are quite lucky! We just bring the third wheel along ;)

  3. Love this look! Gorgeous as always!


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