Nov 15, 2023

Target got me...again

It's sunny and 70 here in Texas. I love that we live in the south because it makes the holiday season so much more enjoyable. We don't have to Trick-or-Treat in jackets. We can go to the park on Christmas. It feels like we are on vacation year round. Sure, the white snow looks more festive, but after living in Michigan for 6 years, I got all the festive I need. 

The dollar spot of Target got me today. Things were actually a dollar, and in this day and age it seems like a dang miracle. Even the Dollar Store is charging $1.20!

Salmon and potatoes is what's for dinner tonight. Whenever I am talking to a friend on the phone, we always ask each other, "what are you making for dinner tonight?" And since we are all friends here, what are you having for dinner? Let me know in the comments below. Give us all some ideas.

I forgot that with a baby, there is always a mess somewhere. While you are cleaning one mess, they are off making another. On and on this goes, until your house looks like wild animals live there. I've read to wait until the end of the day to clean up, but goodness by the end of the day I am spent. I don't have an ounce of energy in me, and the last thing I want to do is clean. I've just come to accept that there will be a mess somewhere, but I try to keep up on tidying as much as I can.

Today, I am thankful for all of you. It is because of you that I get to write, be creative, share outfits, and support my family. Thank you for being here. It means more than you know.


Mrs. Measom

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