Nov 16, 2014

Holiday Flight Outfit for Moms

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With the holidays just around the corner, we are gearing up for some travels. Since we have flown quite a bit with our little bud, I think I've got some #seasonedtravelingmomtips. Above is an outfit + supplies to help give the general idea of things you'll need. 

Keep it simple, but keep it classy. It isn't cheap to fly with gas prices constantly in flux. Although, 98.5% of the women in the airport will look like they're either going to the gym (which we know can't be true), or going to bed (which could be more true than going to the gym), let's try something a little different, aye? Dress like a million bucks because that's about how much it costs to fly!

Button-ups are a must for breastfeeding moms. With easy access for take off & landing nursing sessions, you've got it covered. Literally. I love me some plaid, and the fact that it's festive makes this soft and comfy top the perfect choice. Tis the season after all. Slip on your comfy jeans. They don't have to be your fancy pants but jeans just hold it all together, especially in the bun region. I added these pointed toe flats because they are comfy, easy to slip on and off at the security checkpoint, and add an elegant element to the outfit (cancels out the rip in my jeans, right). Quick and easy makeup is great when flying, but so is a lasting powder foundation. You can't get liquids past those pesky x-ray machines, and if you need a heavier coverage then just a dusting, try out a mineral foundation. Lip balms will help to restore the moisture to your dry lips. Planes use recycled air, which can be just as dehydrating as it is icky, so lather that lip balm on there sista. Don't forget your huge sunglasses. The only bags I want anyone seein' are the ones with wheels, not the ones under my eyes. A watch is also key, allowing you to stop for some snacks on your walk towards your gate, without missing the plane. Now that would be muy poopie.

Happy travels everyone! 

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