Nov 20, 2014


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A #truthfulfriday rant from months long ago, I found sitting as a draft. Unedited. Untamed.

" The truth is, sometimes I feel like I am living on an island just me and my baby. 

The truth is, I am always rushing to complete basic human functions, like using the bathroom, feeding myself, or bathing. I don't get to do any of this if my son is having a hard day. Shout out to all you working mommas, I bow down to ya!

The truth is, this week was a hard week. I was forced to explore the saying "slow and steady wins the race." In a case such as mine, I'm certain this statement is not always true. If I were to do things slow and steady while my son was awake and ready to play, or if he was hungry, slow and steady would be the worst thing I could do.

He needs me and probably more than I need me (now that's the biggest truth of all). On the days where he is extra demanding, I feel like I need "me time" more than ever, but it is on those really challenging days that mommy time is not happening. Not at all. Not ever. 

The secret (or not so secret) truth is, on those days I drink dirty Cokes like it's my job.

The truth is, slow and steady doesn't always win the race. Oh me. Oh my. Today was as hard as ever. Is it Saturday yet? "

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  1. huuuug from one mama bear to another. we had a rough week tooo

    1. Candice,

      I am so sorry you had a tough week, as you can see so did we. . . although it seems to be turning into a tough month. Little mister has been under the weather with cold of cold, tagged up with teething. Traveling didn't seem to help either!

      Hope things are better round your parts!

      xo + happy holidays sweet friend


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