Nov 25, 2014

5 Ways to spend smarter.

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Not everyone has to save (you lucky 1% of the world), although most have or should. It isn’t always easy, but, like a diet, sometimes a little self-restraint is exactly what we need to empower ourselves, and gain freedom. I find that it is a wonderful way to prioritize my life.

There is a shift in our world, where social media is constantly bombarding us with “you have to have this”, and it is becoming harder to live the need vs. want life. Being materialistic is reaching a point where it is more “likable” than being real.

In efforts to keep focus of what’s important, because lately I feel like I am starting to blur that need vs. want line, I have come up with a few ways to stay in tune. Be in the world and not of it; that’s exactly what I’m aiming to do.

1. If you don’t have the cash for it you can’t buy it. Living debt free is the best way to live. It’s safe, it’s less stress, and it’s logical.

2. Before you buy it, think about the price. I use to calculate how much something would cost me in comparison to how many hours I would have to work to pay for it. When I did that I found fewer and fewer items were worth their price tag, especially when I was making $7.50 an hour, back in my teenage days.

3.  Money in the bank is comfort in the heart. The more money you have saved, the less stress you will have in life. So, set a goal to save 10% of your income and pay that savings account it’s monthly “bill”. If you can, set it to auto-pay. Make that transfer happen before you even see the money.

4. Don’t let what other people tell you sway you into making a purchase you know you can’t afford. I am certainly guilty of wanting to buy something a friend has told me she loves, then after seeing the hefty tag justifying the purchase by saying, “but so and so loves theirs!” That person might have a bigger budget, or other circumstances that allow them to make such a reach. You on the other hand know your limits, and must remember they are limits for a reason.

5. Use discounts. Look for coupons or watch for things to go on sale. With the end of a season comes huge price cuts on items you had your eye on, and with apps like #couponsherpa you can carry discounts with you wherever you go. Just type in the name of the store you’re at and huge discount codes will magically appear on the screen. Thank you modern world for making such savings readily available for coupon code addicts such as myself.  You might want to think about doing your Christmas gift exchange after Christmas, where everything goes on sale. Be savy shopper.

Be smart this holiday season because it will set the tone for the new year just around the corner.

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