Nov 5, 2014

Five steps to making your move easier

None of us love wrapping old newspaper around glassware, or lifting heavy furniture, but we've all been there. I’m sure many of you are even pros at moving. Most of this list can even be pretty obvious, but sometimes it’s the obvious things that are the easily overlooked, and they can become huge uh-oh’s. 

1. Before you even think about moving check your budget. Moving is expensive. You need packing materials, a moving vehicle of some sort, and a deposit or down payment. If you are renting, you don’t usually get your deposit back until a few business days after the move. Your previous landlord can also withhold fees for damages, repairs, cleaning, etcetera. If you are buying a house find your budget. Don’t max it out. You don’t want to end up overspending on your home, and not being able to make the payments. 

2. Are there homes available in the towns you'd like? Be sure you scope out the market before ridding yourself of your current digs. That way you don’t end up kicked out of your old place, with no new place to go. #homelessbychoice 

3. Find out if you can get rid of your old place. Will someone buy it? Will someone take over your lease? List it. See what happens. If someone bites, party on. If you hear crickets, wait the move out.

4. Make the move official. Once you have set a timeline of when someone will take your place over, find your new spot, and plant ‘em roots. Sign on the dotted line, and get to packing. Literally.

5. Pack all your stuff, and make your new place feel like home slowly. Don’t be in such a rush to make your new place perfect that you overspend. Hold your horses. Be patient. Focus on that budget; maybe wait for your deposit to come back, or the profit you made selling your home to hit the bank. Then, take a certain designated amount, tuck it away for a rainy day, and do whatever you can with what you’ve got left. Remember, you can always buy things thanks to credit cards, but you can’t always pay for them. Only buy what you can pay for in full. You don’t want any unnecessary debt collecting dust, or in this case interest. 

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  1. Where are your cute rugs from!? (this one and your living room one) I LOVE!


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