Jan 14, 2016

Things Round Here

Here are some funny little moments that came up these last few weeks-

The day before I went into labor, I told my husband that if someone asked me if I was having twins, I would lose it. One hour later, while at Target with my main squeeze, a lady stops us and says, "Oh, twins?!" I looked her dead in the eye and said "Excuse me?" She looked at me again and said, "It's twins right?" "Mh, yes it is…" #wellthisisawkward. Little did I know sister was head up by my boobs, a whole nine pounds seven ounces, with tons of extra fluid in there. That explains that!

When my dad saw me for the first time (while cookin' Ms. Aida) I was thirty nine weeks pregnant, and his jaw literally hit the floor. He looked at me, tears in his eyes and said, "You're so big! Look at that. You don't even look like you! It looks like you've got fillers all in your face!" #gee #thanksdad

We played Just Dance on Christmas day, and my mom said, "Wow, you're in way better shape than me! Jumping around with all that extra weight. Look at that stomach bounce! Let me get my camera!" 

I don't think I will ever be able to walk with good posture again. I am all hunched over, heavy chested, tight back, oh the aches!

My son saw me the day we came home from the hospital, ran up to me and said, "Baby sister in there?" This just gets better and better… lmao. 

Once I felt like my stomach looked semi normal, I didn't hide it from my son anymore. When he saw it he said, "Oh, wow! Mommy stomach squishy!" #iwasshocked #goodwordchoice #areallemonysnickett

It has just been a funny and great time here in the Measom household. We are all adjusting, recovering, learning, and loving. I didn't know what adding another to the mix would be like, but I do know that as we adjust the love gets bigger and bigger between all of us, and along the way we say and hear some pretty hilarious things. Ever so grateful for this new experience, and for our sweet girl!

PS-One thing little Aida does, that DC did not, is spit up. It is a whole new ball game ma friends. She isn't ruining any of my outfits because I don't ever get dressed. Hashtag- living in my leopard robe. She is, however, ruining her little outfits. That's when we found Copper Pearl's baby bandana drool bib.  They'll also be super handy when she starts heavy duty teething, and the drool starts to spill like a water foundation. 

Use the code "MEASOM" at www.copperpearl.com to receive 15% off your purchase. Code good until Tuesday (January 19th).

sponsored by copper pearl.

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