Jan 18, 2016

Coming out of hiding

I don't fit into my old clothes just yet, and that could be because I gained way more weight than most…more on that in another post but, nevertheless, it was time for me to stop hiding. 

We are all shown this picture perfect bod post baby in the media and by our favorite celebs, and if I continued to hide until I was back in my skinnies, I too would be supporting the fictional notion that women push out babies and are back to being itty bitty! Although, that might be the case for some, that is not the case for many, and that's okay! Our bodies took ten months to expand, grow, and widen in ways that would create, birth, and sustain another human life. It is only fair we give it the same amount of time to heal.

Truth be told, my body will never be the same after birthing my two babies. I've got stretch marks and extra skin, and that's just something I am going to have to embrace. I will never be that 20 something year old in a bikini at the pool feeling cool and fit. No matter how much I workout, or how much I weigh, my extra skin and stretch marks are here to stay. But that's because instead I chose to create life, and in that process, I also chose to grow up. 

We can't be perfect, and we can't look 100% flawless, but we can accept the reality and enjoy what we do have, That's the stage of life I am lucky enough to lead. Loving what I've got. Occasionally being a cry baby about the stupid mundane shiz that seems momentous in the moment, but for the most part loving every damn moment of this life I was blessed with.

Read more about my postpartum feelings with my first baby here. Read about my 65 pound weight loss story here and here

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  1. Girl you are incredible! Our bodies do amazing things growing babies. Love how real you are, and I love you!

  2. These girlies sure are. Do you have any tips on raising them as they get older? Thank you for loving the vulnerability I share here. It isn't always easy, but I think it will help remind me later of what life was life in the trenches!



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