Jan 21, 2016

Lime Ricki Spring Break Guide

Spring break is around the corner, and that means swimsuit season. Let the swimsuit shopping begin! I am loving the bright pops of color and prints that Lime Ricki has in their new line.

This brand is one of my favorites. I have been shopping with them since I was a wee baby back in my high school days. During those times, finding cute modest swimwear was next to impossible. Lime Ricki was the first to launch a modest swimsuit that was also chic #truth. I remember Googling "modest swimsuits", and getting full on bodysuits with hair caps and everything! We have come a long way folks. I attribute a lot of that to Lime Ricki for sure! 

As I have gotten older, I've started to appreciate their swimsuits even more. They allow me to feel comfortable and confident at the beach or pool, even with my stretch marks and extra skin…oh my!

I styled my favorite floral print swimsuit from their new collection with a versatile black romper that is easy to get on and off at the pool, and dress up or down for vacation dinners #winning. 

Since sunning your face is not recommended...unless you want wrinkles galore, I like to apply a little self tanner on my cheeks. You know, so that my body matches my face #palegirlprobs. Then, I pick up a good book while I float around paradise on this awesome pretzel tube #livingthedream.

** sponsored by lime ricki **


  1. Do you have any other swim wear stores you like? I love that you can appreciate a modest swimsuit!

  2. Thank you so much! My go to shops for modest swimsuits are Lime Ricki, kortnijeane.com, and the one pieces from Anthropology.

    Hope this helps!



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