Jan 25, 2016

mamaRoo vs. bounceRoo 4moms review

we get tons of questions on the mamaRoo + bounceRoo, and thought we would share all about them in a quick post.

with our first kiddo, we had a regular baby swing. that thing was massive, and not portable in the least. our son also hated it, so that attributed to us giving it away. when we got our mamaRoo + bounceRoo, we were in love. here's why-

> the mamaRoo has a removable seat that is also machine washable. if your baby is going to be born in the winter like our sweet girl, be sure and pick up the one with a plush cover for added warmth. plus, they are super comfy!
> control the mamaRoo with an app! turn it on or off, slow it down or speed it up, and play a heartbeat tone all with the tap of a button from your iPhone. this is one of my favorite features the mamaRoo has, that the bounceRoo does not. it allows me to wash dishes, or do puzzles with my son without having to get up and turn it off when baby is asleep.
 > the mamaRoo also allows you to play music from your phone through its speakers. i think sister likes the biebs #believer #thanks4moms.
 > you can adjust the angle of the mamaRoo seat, whereas the bounceRoo stays in one position.

>the simplicity of the bounceRoo is everything. it is lightweight (under 6 pounds) and fully collapsable,  so you can pick it up and move it 1, 2, 3. this is super helpful when your baby falls asleep, and you have to move to another room or floor. pick up the seat, and go. since the mamaRoo is a like a mechanical swing it is way heavier, and not as easily transported. for me, this is the biggest difference between the two. well that, and the fact that the bounceRoo vibrates on three different settings and three intensity settings.

 > the seat cover on the bounceRoo is also removable, which is great if you have a baby that spits up like ours...

i couldn't pick one over the other because honestly that is like comparing a fruit to a vegetable. they offer entirely different functions, but we love both equally. it's all about what you are looking for. what i can say is that 4moms knows what they are doing, and we are for sure obsessed.

read more about their differences here!

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  1. Our baby loved the mamaRoo but didn't really care for the bounceRoo. We thought for sure she would embrace the bounceRoo but it's now just sitting in the corner of her nursery. Maybe her future siblings will feel different...


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