Jan 11, 2016

The Vintage Honey Shop

Baby sister loves to eat! While she is spending so much time just hangin' out on my chest, sometimes she can get a little bored of the scenery. She started grabbing at my hair, and tugging on it, and all is fun and games until momma loses a chunk of hair #ouchie!

We have since come up with something she can grab at, play with, and that will even grow with her as she heads into the teething stages of life! Vintage Honey has a whole variety of teething necklaces for both moms and dads. From ones with silicon, to ones with wooden rings, they've got something for everyone. 

So, if you have got a nursing babe, or even a teething one, a helpful tool to your hair pulling / painful cry days is for sure Vintage Honey teething necklace. Plus, they make fun accessories to any outfit #fabmom.
sponsored by the vintage honey shop 


  1. I might need to grab me one of these... my baby girl's first tooth has just started emerging and she needs all the teethers she can get her hands on! Would be super convenient to have one as my necklace :D

    Xo Melissa

    1. Ah! congrats on the first tooth + I hope teething is going well! I hear you on the teethers. Those suckers are lifesavers.

      I hope you love this one as much as we do.

      xx + thank you for leaving so much love and support here Melissa!


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