Feb 10, 2014

How to Travel with a Baby

Flying with a Babe 101
Our trip to Jersey & New York was every bit worth it. Sure, it was hard traveling with a babe, partially  because there is a lot more to pack, & sometimes you feel like a camel with all your backpacks & sacks, & the other half because when you have an 8 hour travel time, with two flights, and a time zone change, how easy can it be? But hey, that's life as a momma, right? 

DC, by nature is a very mellow kid. He rarely cries, & will whine when he is hungry or tired, but other than that he is a dream. I had loads of anxiety about flying with him, worried that the plane wouldn't be safe, & that maybe he would catch a cold/flu from the people on the plane, or that he would cry and scream, & I would get that mean turn around glare. You know, the glare people give you when they have to turn around to stare you down because something you or your child is doing, is bothering them. That was probably my biggest fear. 

I worried he would cry and scream, but he didn't. He whined when he got bored, and on flights over two hours, who doesn't get bored? He'd babble, and stare, smile, & laugh at the wonderful seat mates we had. I must have said a million prayers for good seat mates, and luckily for us, those prayers were answered. Everyone who laid eyes on DC, was in love, and wanted to make him laugh. One seat mate boarded the plane, seeing that we were sitting in his row,  he smiled at me and said "Don't worry. I want you to know, I can handle anything. I'm here to help." I about melted. #thankyoulord

Here are some of my traveling tips & tricks :

1.  A baby carrier makes a butt load of a difference. The one we use is from here, and it is so so so soft! A carrier or a wrap is always helpful when traveling because it leaves your hands free. That is a must. When you're going through security or boarding a plane, you need to be able to throw your stuff on the conveyer belt, and into the overhead bins. I wore DC through the airports, and it was a lot easier to get around. 

2. Board the plane, when they say "those who need extra time, we are pre-boarding." Trust me, you will need the extra time to get situated. I would get on, & get him into a fresh diap.

3. Pack new toys. This will keep them slightly more entertained. Once the boredom sets in, things get a little crazy. #shizgetsreal&realfast

4. Have something for them to suck on during takeoff. We would breastfeed right at liftoff, & this helped his ears from popping & hurting him.

5. Good luck & relax. If someone on the plane has a problem with your crying babe, who cares? You'll never see them again in your life. Your baby comes first!

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