Jun 13, 2015

Pregnancy & hyperemesis gravidarum

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Not too long ago, I felt like I had finally figured things out. My son, our puppy, and I had all found our grove. It seemed to be a glorious moment for all of us. 

Just like that we had said buh-bye to babyhood, and were heading into toddlerhood full speed ahead. My son started to communicate with us verbally. We began having eye to eye conversations, where he could respond in a few words what he wanted, needed, and was thinking. What a twist this stage puts on parenthood. So amazing. 

Anyways, as we caught our grove, and I grew in the ways I was hoping, it seemed right to talk about bringing another little babe into our brood. As the conversations got more serious we took the appropriate steps in making sure this was the best decision for our family. Soon enough the writing was on the wall, and it was go time. When the pregnancy test showed "pregnant" a flood of memories rushed to my mind. Instantly, I remembered my hyperemesis with DC (extreme morning sickness, in which medical treatment by a physician is required) and my last conversation with my doctor, as she revealed that women who have hyperemesis are fifty percent more likely to experience it with each subsequent pregnancy. Crap.

As the weeks went by I felt amazing. Tired, but that is way better than puking none stop, so in my opinion it was great. I went out with my son, and we enjoyed the warm sun on our skin. It seemed maybe I was the other fifty percent that would not find my place living on the bathroom floor, until week six came rolling in. There it was that overwhelming nauseous that forces my life on hold, as suddenly I feel like a human incubator. I remember texting my friend who also suffers of HG, after she had birthed her son. Asking her how she was feeling, her response was perfect, "I'm free!" 

I focused on her words, and reminded myself that I too would be free of the all day puking, live in the bed or by the toilet lifestyle. That the conversations about pic lines, being at a higher risk for miscarriage, IV's, ER visits, and Zofran would all be a distant memory. I at first wondered why such a terrible sickness could come from something that was is so beautiful, and I realized I have and had a few lessons to learn.

More on those lessons later. For now, I just want to give all you fellow mommas going through the same type of pregnancy sickness as me a shoutout. We can do this, just like so many of you have been sweet enough to remind me. It will pass, and until then I will be trying to figure out how to deal with hating the smell of my own house. Try that on for size.

xo, life can't always be a bed of roses can it?

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  1. oh man I hear ya! what a tuff stage to get through, I basically laid on the couch all day and moaned with stomach pain and tiredness :( I hope it doesn't stick around long for you! sending happy tummy thoughts,

  2. So, so happy to see you back! And you look fantastic mama! Thinking of you and hoping you feel better and better.

  3. Hating the smell of your own home; I laughed out loud when I read that! I'm 11 weeks pregnant with my second (my son turns 2 on Sunday) and it has been so tough since 5 weeks. I don't have it as bad as you, but I constantly feel nauseous, I'm unbelievably drained, I get zero enjoyment out of food and leaving the house is the biggest effort ever! I just feel so sad for my son, although he is being such a trooper. I keep thinking, why did I do this?! But I know it will be worth it.. We've got this! Sending love and strength to you, Mama x


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