Jun 8, 2015

Looking through Windows

Acknowledging that there are millions of people in this world, and that each individual has their own thoughts and feelings, we can say that making every person happy is literally impossible. What one might love, another might loathe, and vice versa.

There is so much in the history of the world that shows what love and hate can do. Many great wars have been waged because of a strong distaste for one particular party or group. Watching the news recently, we can still see the discrimination that occurs because of race or sexual orientation. These issues of hate still live on in our day. Although we have come a long way from where we once stood, we still have so much work to do.

As humans we aren't all warm and fuzzy by nature, but as a mother and a wife, it is my job to catch those instances when I am lacking and improve myself. Sure, I might not agree with every thing everyone does, but that doesn't mean that if my opinion is negative that I should go around presenting it. To be perfectly honest I shouldn't be looking at anyone else's life or issues except my own. Why spend time looking at others, when I have so much to be working on myself. Perhaps, those negative feelings are coming from a deeper place where I might need to reflect and improve. Like the saying goes, every time I point a finger at someone else, there are three pointing right back at me.

Just food for thought Mrs. Measom, just food for thought.

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