May 4, 2015

The Measoms heart Mayo

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May is a special month for us Michigan Measoms. We got engaged on Cinco de Mayo, and then moved out west around the same time a few years later. As much as I love fall, I feel like May is giving October a run for its money. After all, Mayo is when the sun starts to unveil itself from the grey mask of winter, and when the leafs start to blossom on bushes and trees. It's when life starts to feel way more enjoyable than the months of January and February made it seem. I am so happy spring has finally sprung, and that I get to enjoy warm sun, ice cream, and BBQing. Life seems pretty dang grand right about now.

xo and happy spring!


  1. Super cute! I want overalls now!

  2. I love the coveralls, I really wish I could pull those off as good as you!


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