Feb 19, 2015

Modern Kin Blog (coming soon)

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My good friend, Natalie, and I have decided to create a space where mommas can turn to read reviews and find must have guides for all stages of motherhoodAs first time moms, we ourselves fell into the trap of buying too much of the wrong things, and had to learn what we needed and where to get it for the best price. We will focus on reviews and guides to keep things simple.

To give you guys a little taste of what the website will feel like, we are sharing its first post- Pregnancy Must Haves

Our pregnancy days remind us of feeling huge, hungry, and tired! It is something we look back at and laugh. For both of us it was full of a lot of morning sickness, and even more weight gain, so we focused in on the good times of those days, and came up with some of our pregnancy must haves. These favorites didn't just get us through a very hard part of mommahood, but they also made our pregnancies feel a little more like a luxury. Hope ya'll like 'em!

1. A comfy and cute bra. As soon as your body knows you're pregnant your hormones start shouting "boobs, focus on the boobs!" At least, thats how we felt. They grow so fast, and are so sore that a soft bra is heaven, and knowing it looks cute is a self-esteem booster too. 

2. I don't think either of us thought about makeup during all the morning sickness, but some days all we needed was a little tinted lip balm to make us feel somewhat done up.

3. Staying hydrated is key during pregnancy. To help us keep track of our water intake, we used reusable bottles and filled them up all day long.

4. A cute pair of trainers will help make your outings a lot more comfortable. Gotta love New Balance.

5. Boyfriend jeans during pregnancy are a smart way to go. They leave space for you to grow into 'em, and if you're anything like us, trust me need some growing room.

6. A book about motherhood is always a smart decision during pregnancy. It helps to prepare and enlighten you, while also helping keep your mind active and focused. We are all about keeping that pregnancy brain at bay. We love this book, it is hands down one of our favorites!

7. We were always rubbing our bellies, and watching them grow, so we loved the idea of giving our beaming tums a rub down with a nice luxurious lotion. Mama Bee's is where it is at!

8. A big bag to throw everything in is a great momma-to-be must have because you can carry all your snacks and things, and transition it into a diaper bag.

9. There is nothing better than satisfying a pregnancy craving, and one of us loved these ice cream sandwiches so much she ate two of them the day she went into labor.. #yeahthathappened 

Hope this helps!


  1. Replies
    1. It is in the works and we couldn't be more excited to get it out there!

      xo and a big squeeze!

  2. Great idea! I really enjoy your reviews :)

    1. Thank you so much! That is a huge compliment! Hope you are having an amazing day!


  3. I seriously cannot wait for this. You women are amazing. Can't wait to see mommas supporting mommas. Such wonderful relationships you are going to be building with other women everywhere. We all should be so lucky you dedicate your time to share things like this with us! You rock MOMMA! You do it all! xo Sydney

    1. Thank you so much for all the love and support! Your words are so encouraging and uplifting! It is so hard sometimes to feel like I am good at this whole "balancing act," and if I am being honest, I am almost certain I am not. I just love sharing my experiences and hoping it helps someone, somewhere!

      You are amazing, and thank you again for the love!



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