Jun 28, 2016

My nursing journey and Ergobaby's Nursing Pillow

My nursing journey with Aida is very different from that with DC. I wrote about his here, if you'd like to read it. 

Our sweet baby girl was breech and a ten pounder, so her birth was a scheduled c-section. Often times, with such deliveries nursing is extremely difficult. That "instant bond" created by oxytocin isn't there because the body doesn't know you're in labor. That was totally our experience.

Aida didn't latch well, my letdown was more than she could manage, and, bless her, she suffered of allergies to foods I was eating. All these factors made nursing pretty dang hard. Luckily, I had my husband cheering me on. He was beyond sweet, and comforted me when I wanted to give up. It took a long time (about three months) for us to find our groove. 

Our Ergobaby nursing pillow has helped for sure. Using it puts us tummy to tummy, without wearing my arms out. If you don't have one, take a look at 'em. They're comfy for both Aida and I, are made from solid foam, and saves me from slouching. It's been such a miracle to have. 

Our rough patch is behind us now, and fingers crossed we'll nurse many more months to come. I simply adore the bond it creates. This motherhood gig is pretty dang great, even when it gets a little tricky dicky. Remember, you can do anything. These momma super powers are no joke! #NursingKnowHow #ErgobabyNursing

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