Jun 23, 2016

Round Here with Downeast

skirt- downeast // bag- lily-jade // clogs- lotta stockholm // jean jacket- windsor // top- abercrombie

I have some hair at the nape of my neck that is always too short to stuff into my topknot, long enough for my daughter to tug at, and annoying enough that I have to hold it awkwardly in the pictures above because I forgot to bobby pin 'em. Dangit!

My son is loving the tantrum throwing stage of life. I on the other hand am not. Shrek threatens Donkey at some point in the movie, "You're on the quick road to a smacked bottom!" To which, DC laughs. He knows I'm a giant softy.

I'm not a fan of carrying a diaper bag around, not because I don't like the look of them, but because I tend to stuff them to the dang brim. I also always tend to overpack them, "just in case," and never need a dang thing from them. Yet, here I am, a self proclaimed aficionado of all things diaper bags. One could even call me a diaper bag connoisseur. Hands down my most frequently asked question is, "what is your favorite diaper bag?" To which I respond, "they're all good for different things." They are, I just don't like carrying around a ten pound bag. Rant over.

I wear everything with a tee shirt lately. Why? Well, because I'm nursing, and everything they sell nowadays seems to be more like a bra and less like a top or dress, so there's that.

I seem to own only grey, white, and black in my wardrobe. I've since added this skirt, from Downeast, to the mix. I wear it with white Keds and even clogs. I can't stop with this one!

Also, today I had a mean craving for a Dr. Pepper, but quickly resisted my urge and drank three glasses of water. I'll have you know, the craving did not subside, but I was too bloated to get another beverage, so we'll count it as a win.

In case you weren't catching on, sarcasm is my form of humor on a hard day. Was today hard? Sure. But guess what, my kids are rockstars. They had a friggin' fabulous day, and that makes my poop emoji of a day seem friggin' awesome. 

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