Jun 21, 2016

french fry for a brain

dress- vici collection // shoes- forever 21 (old) // cardigan- target (old) // glasses- dolce and gabbana 

Today was a long day. 

My brain is fried, like a french fry, a tostada, or tostone. 

I cleaned up a puddle of infant poop that spilled out of my baby girl's seat and onto the floor. 

I then watched my dog lick the poop puddle up before I could clean it while I was washing my baby #teething. 

My son told me he loved Daddy more because I wasn't letting him climb on the sofa and face plant  onto the floor. 

I had an entire chunk of hair ripped out of the back of my head while I nursed today. 

Let me just say, as tiring as this day was, one smile from my littlest, or one "I love you, momma," from my oldest is just the pick me up I need to keep going. It has me smiling after each rough patch, and even thinking, "hey, let's have another!" 

Call me crazy, but this is the stuff my dreams are made of.

thank you vici collection for sponsoring this post

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