Jun 16, 2016

Round Here

topshorts- (on sale under $20) abercrombie and fitch // shoes- forever 21 // sunglasses- dolce and gabbana 

Do you ever feel like sometimes you've got your crap together? You know those moments, where life is flowing ever so smoothly? Your deadlines are met, your to-do list is all checked off, and your house is clean? When those moments find their way into my life, is it terrible that I wait for it all to hit the fan?

I'm not old and wise, but as I have gotten older, I've learned that the law of gravity applies to a little more than just science. It applies to life. What goes up must come down. This could be His way of keeping us humble, or it could just be the way we learn to appreciate the good times when they come. I've also learned we have two choices, be happy when things are great, or be totally scared poopless that  something awful is going to happen. From my experience, naturally the first pitch is the best one.

So, what I'm saying is things were great today, but bless it, tomorrow might be pretty damn rough. You know what though? I'm perfectly okay with that because even though my daughter is teething and crying up a damn storm, today was pretty dang peachy. 

Cheers to learning, to living, and to being happy with the curve balls life throws. It was one of those curve balls that brought me to my dream boat of a husband, and another that knocked me into the blogging world. Meh, I'll take 'em!

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