Feb 1, 2023

What Blogging Once Was

Yesterday while I was writing my post, DC came over to me. He pointed to the screen and said, "What's that?" It was in that moment that I realized he, Aida Mae, and SJ might someday visit this site. Will I do them proud? Have I written the right things? Did I record enough memories, while also being respectful of their privacy? 

I asked myself these questions years ago. That's when I stopped posting their faces on social media. I also kept stories about them closer to my heart. I want to respect them while at the same time recording my journey as their mother. That balance isn't as easy as one thinks. Sometimes, those lines get blurred. Creating a space where other mothers can join me in our struggles and joys of motherhood isn't always as simple as sharing what I want. I have to take into account that there are two sides to every story, and that in every story someone else is involved. I might choose to share my life, but that doesn't mean those around me want the same. 

Man, remember when blogging was easy and simple? I do. It was a picture of my outfit, followed with a weekend recap. Oh how things have changed.

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