Jan 31, 2023

The Evolution Of Marriage

Mister and I have been married over ten years now, and he is still my best friend. In so many ways our marriage has gotten better with time, like a fine wine. He knows me so well. We can talk about anything. On his days off all we want to do is get a burger or tacos and chat. He puts on a smile when I ask to wander Target afterward, even though I know he isn't the biggest fan. 

What makes a great husband? I don't have the exact recipe, but my tip is to marry someone who loves you unconditionally, doesn't expect you to be perfect (while also encouraging you to be your best self), and that listens when you share how you feel. Marry your best friend. That's what I would say.

It's the little moments I cherish most. The ones were we cuddle up together on the sofa or in bed, turn on a good show, and snack on something like homemade cookies or ice cream. I call those best friend moments. It's something so chill and casual, you could only do it with your very best friends. It requires no effort, and fills my cup right up. I do have one complaint, I wish the back rubs were longer, but we are working on that!

It's the simple things in life, y'all!

How people watch tv when they're-

Dating- hold hands

Engaged- cuddle

Married- one person turns up the volume while the other chokes on chips.

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