Oct 14, 2022

it's me the former mommy blogger

hi. hello again. it's me the former mommy blogger. life is different now, but the same all over again. 

when i started here, i was a new mom. i was lost in newborn cuddles, teething, and trying to figure out how to manage a house, a husband, a baby, and myself. i was younger than. i was in my early 20s, and truth be told i felt like i had it figured out. 

i wasn't perfect at being a wife or mom, but i gave it my all and i felt fulfilled. now, in my 30s with two older kids, and a newborn i find myself constantly googling. i'm searching for answers, looking for expert advice, and needing more than just my intuition. 

during my 3rd pregnancy i thought, "3 kids i'm going to be an expert." now with the 3rd little bundle here, i realize i'm no expert. is it because i have lost my carefreeness? you know, that song "young, dumb, and free?" it must be true. the older you are the more aware you are, and dang it i wish i wasn't so aware. there is a power in living life carefree, and just following your gut.

i once went about motherhood, giving it my all, and thinking that was enough. lately however, having older kids i feel as though motherhood is much more complicated. it's not just about nursing, baby led weaning, and sleep training. my kids are creating lasting memories good and bad. suddenly, i'm teaching them about how to overcome trials and bullies. we have chats about being emotionally resilient and being kind to others.

i want to raise them feeling loved, heard, seen, valued, and educated. logically, i know no expert can tell me exactly what my kids need. i know that along the way in my motherhood journey i will make mistakes, as i have. my only hope is that my kids know i love them beyond words, that i'm not perfect, that i am trying as hard as i can.

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