Nov 16, 2022

#1 New Mom Tip

Having a baby can cause a huge identity crisis. It’s a massive shift in priorities, and comes so quickly it can be hard to healthfully navigate. With hormones, the baby who needs you 24 / 7, and my other roles, it’s a lot.

That being said, I’ve created a list of non-negotiables. There are things I cannot give up, especially in the chaos of pregnancy and newborn mom life.

Here is my first tip-

After having each baby, I get so immersed in the cycle of nursing, burping, changing diapers, playing with the baby, and putting them down for a nap, that it feels like there isn’t time for anything else. Which in turn means there isn’t enough time to take care of me. That’s not true. There is always time. If I really want to make time for something I will.

Time for myself doesn’t have to be me going out to get a mani / pedi or a massage, because I legit don’t have time for that. It can be something as small as doing my makeup or taking a shower (even that is a commodity these days). And lately, that is exactly what my “me time” looks like. I find time at some point in my day (it isn’t always in the morning because some mornings are hectic ‘round here), but I get it done.

My mama always said, “When you feel your worst, dress your best.” That motto would explain my done up face and my ootds. Sometimes, you just gotta push yourself. Even if you don’t have anywhere to go, or anyone to see, you have to take the time to show up for yourself. You’re worth it, and it will make the world of a difference in your day.

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