Jan 24, 2022

mornings these days

credit- nathan schroder
(if you're wondering what the pictures above are, they're my pin-spiration for our media room. i have been meaning to decorate the space for quite some time now. since it's a large rectangular room,  i haven't been able to figure out how i want the layout to go, but we are getting close!)

mornings these days go like this...


brush my teeth with this toothpaste.

wash my face with this face wash.

apply this moisturizer. it is dry out here. my skin drinks this stuff up! 

get the kids all ready for the day.

get dressed...usually i slip into this pair of sweats. i have a few colors...whoops.

put on socks, which i never use to do.

slip on my birks.

open all the blinds.

make the bed.

go to starbucks for a hot chocolate. 

place my order- tall. one extra pump mocha. three pumps vanilla. extra hot.

read the bible. 

say another prayer.

then...the day gets busy. but, at least i started the day off right. it makes all the difference in my book.

what's your morning routine? let me know in the comments below or on my latest instagram post. i read all your comments, and love getting to know y'all better!

happy monday sis!

bonus notetoday aida mae was my hyper girl. 

she was in the bathroom watching me wash my face. she saw me put my moisturizer on, and asked what it was. i told her it was cream. she quickly replied, "mom, you don't need makeup." i smiled, so grateful for her kindness, and said, "honey, this isn't makeup. it's just cream to keep my face soft." she snapped back, "i know. but... when you sit down at your desk you will put your makeup on after. you don't need to do that mom. you're beautiful just like this!" i almost cried. 

she is the sweetest little girl in all the land, and i am beyond blessed to have her as my best friend.

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