Jan 19, 2022

Blazin' Trails

i painted my nails a color called "blazin' trails" today. it feels right, especially since we're moving into a new season. 

fall is amazing because it means candles, sweaters, being cozy, and feeling thankful. winter is lovely because it brings christmas spirit. january and february just stink. i am not a fan of mid to late winter. who's ready for spring? raise your hands!

sometimes life can be tricky, messy, hard, and overwhelming. in those moments, i paint my nails, do a workout, drink a grapefruit spindrift and watch a show. it's the simple things in life...isn't it?

i like to hope for the best, but sometimes i expect the worst. it's the pits. i need to change my mindset fo' sho.

there is some much to be grateful for. i am going to start writing down five things i'm thankful for every morning. who's with me?

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