Dec 14, 2021


dc is answering with "yes ma'am" now and it's the cutest thing. he learned it from his texas buds. the manners here are ah-mazing.

he can't stop talking about how much he loves his legos again. he goes in cycles with his interests. he loves something and plays with it for a while and then moves on to something else. coming back later to a previous interest like it's first time ever seeing it. you know, like a boy in high school with his cheerleader ex girlfriend.

i heard someone say that uggs are back in. i never stopped wearing them so i guess i was ahead of that trend huh? or am i just old? whoops.

when people say, "your acne will go away when you're an adult," they're lying. i'm stilling getting hormonal breakouts, only now they're intermingling with wrinkles. wtf?

every time i pass a mirror and see my new haircut, i think damn my husband did a great job. i should have tipped him. i'll do that tonight.

well, off to target in my uggs. probably grab a starbucks. you know, basic girl shiz. #basicandiknowit

see you here tomorrow for another new post? same time. same place.

love ya!

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