Dec 15, 2021

place your bets

i went looking for some ugly christmas sweaters today. there were none. naturally. they're gone. socks, underwear, toothbrush there are plenty of. it's the ugly christmas sweaters that are gone? of course. naturally.

i'm the worst at keeping secrets from the mister. i want to tell him what i got him for christmas, but i can't. i want it to be a surprise. the struggle is real. i'm so excited i feel like i'll crack before then. place your bets. will i make it?

currently craving in-n-out with a cherry coke. 

oh, oh! i worked out today for the first time in forever. it wasn't anything intense, just a little simple workout that i felt prompted to do. it was a small step towards some goals i am setting for myself. 

i have the best homemade hot chocolate recipe. it's going to be the thing i make for my future grandkids. it'll be what makes christmas feel like christmas at grandma's. now, i'm looking for a homemade marshmallow recipe to go with it. remind me to add a candy thermometer to my cart will ya? thanks, sis. 

michael buble has the best christmas album. it's fabulous. jamming to it as i type this post, while smelling the goji tarocco orange candle i was telling y'all about. 'tis the season. 

see you tomorrow. same time. same place. love ya!

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