Dec 13, 2021

love ya!

why is it that all the good stuff is either sold out or impossible to find? for example, i found the stanley quencher tumbler at williams sonoma in the color stone. i loved it and added it to my cart. then, i kept browsing (big mistake, huge). bam. those suckers sold out! curse you internet hype! 

minding my own business again, i went looking for the goji tarocco orange 16 oz candle. gone. those suckers were sold out every-freaking-where. surprise, surprise.

on a brighter note, it was in the 80's last week. we quite enjoyed every second of it. we played outside, went for walks, had some playground time. it was a sweet little christmas miracle. 

christmas is just around the corner, and i am trying my very to soak up every second of this sweet season and the spirit of it.

see you here tomorrow for another new post? same time. same place.

love ya!

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