Oct 13, 2021

when you feel your worst dress your best

aida mae told me she likes my hair blonde. this is a huge deal considering she has been begging me to grow my hair out it's natural color ever since she could talk. 

she also told me i was her 4th favorite person. she said, "god first, then jesus, the holy ghost, and then mom." i was both shocked and proud. atta girl sis #priorities. she said i was her best friend and that she would never want to leave me. same, sis. same

i dont really have a style. i guess i kinda dress to my mood. clearly, based on this outfit i was feeling very elle woods from legally blonde. love that movie, and feeling the pink these days.

my mama always says, "when you feel your worst dress your best." i agree mama.

cheers to feeling blessed, getting dressed, and heading off to target. cheers ladies!

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