Oct 11, 2021

my 8 year-old is smarter than me

what is it about the weekends? you look forward to them all week. counting the days with anticipation. friday finally rolls around and you're super excited. you're all amped that it's time for x, y, and z. then, monday comes and someone asks what you did over the weekend. suddenly, your is mind blank. you can't remember a single wonderful thing you did. it is so bizarre y'all! 

even more bizarre my 8 year-old son helping me proofread my blog post. "hey mom, that needs to be capitalized." my 8 year-old is smarter than me, y'all!

there is lots to do this week, but also i just want to do nothing. you get me, girlfriend?

crap, i need to order halloween costumes!

what's for dinner? i have not a clue. time to hit up pinterest.

with everyone saying to get christmas shopping done asap with toy shortages coming, i'm trying. then just when i think i have it all figured out aida mae comes in and says, "i don't want any of that anymore. i like these other toys better." well son of a freakin'... 

santa is clearly going to need a lot of help this holiday season. send prayers.

dangit. i'm talking about christmas, and it's not even halloween yet. thee businesses must be in cahoots creating all these shortages.

can't mama just enjoy one freaking season at a time?!

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