Oct 14, 2021

these are strange times my friends


yesterday was a turn on norah jones, light a candle, and bake cookies kind of day. 

good ol' norah jones. she's a classic of my time. i'm a true 90's girl. give me a little norah jones and a romcom and i am the happiest lady in all the land. the only thing that would make me happier is adding a chocolate treat or buffalo wild wings to that scenario #heaven.

i digress. yesterday was was glorious. the whole family was so happy to cuddle up, laugh, and eat some cookies. those are the moments i live for.

what's going on with all these little house on the praire dresses, y'all? they're everywhere and oddly placed right next to a bras (excuse me crop tops). are these the style choices now- 

1-leave nothing to the imagination.

2-prepping for the oregon trial (side note- i loved that game as a kid).

these are strange times my friends. strangeee times.

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