Oct 7, 2021

being taught patience


a pumpkin here, a pumpkin there. we have pumpkins everywhere! 

tomorrow is the day y'all! i will be posting our halloween decor photos tomorrow! i'm so excited to share! i just love how it turned out this year. be sure to check back. same time. same place!

we went on a long walk yesterday, just me and the kids. listening to them talk and share with me their feelings and thoughts, i was so absorbed in learning about them. listening to your kids is powerful. the more you do it, the more they'll want to talk. i'm honored they want to talk with me. i'm even more honored to be their mother, and to think that not to long ago they were the size of a pea! oh, how time flies.

my aunt became a grandmother, and she wrote this beautiful ig post about her experience. she said there's nothing like it, and i teared up a little bit. thinking of my kids growing up, falling in love, getting married, starting a family, and giving us grandkids. that sounds magical, like something you dream about. where your kids are happy and thriving, and you get to see it. it also sounds like time needs to slow down. i'm enjoying each season of parenthood as it comes.

this week it feels like i'm being taught patience. whenever my emotions are about to get the best of me, i feel a gentle reminder, "be calm, be patient." it's just what i need. a little nudge to calm me down, and remind me to make a better decision. 

they say if you pray for patience, the lord will give you the opportunity to learn it. clearly, i need a lot of learning. 

i often write about the goodness in motherhood, but there are hard moments too. those moments are real and raw and you've been there. we've all been there. i just like to focus on the simple yet wonderful moments. 

this world is hard enough, we don't need to feed into the bad. 

i want to see the good in all aspects of my life, and share that so you too can laugh and feel joy. i hope that by sharing the goodness i see, you too will notice the simple moments of goodness you have in your life. i just want to spread joy. we need more of that.

don't forget how very strong you are, and that he and we are cheering you on. you've got this mama!

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