Oct 8, 2021

halloween decorations 2021


as i sat down to put this post together, my doorbell rang. i was ding dong ditched by some friends who left a little basket at my doorstep. it was full of my favorite treats and some words of encouragement. i cried tears of joy. i'm so blessed to have friends that are like family. what a gift they are. 

i know that halloween is a holiday about candy and getting dressed up, but this year it seems to be more about gratitude. which i'm all for. i love showing people how much our family values them with simple little surprises. it encourages me to do more.

my heart is full, y'all. it's been a rough little while. 

funny how things happen. you're struggling, and then your friends show up, or you get a text, or a handwritten card, and you realize you are loved and not alone. 

told you, community is everything. 

so today, i want to encourage you to reach out to a friend. send them a text, give them a call, drop off their favorite treat. let them know they are loved. spread a little joy.

happy friday, y'all!


mrs. measom

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