Sep 27, 2021

the pumpkins are out

we had dinner with friends yesterday. hailee, you're a great cook! that curry and coconut white rice you made really hit the spot!

the pumpkins are out, and it's fabulousss! and there are more coming!

this weekend we took a trip to the american girl store. aida mae was in heaven. we brought her little bestie with us. they rode the escalator (i swear that was their favorite part). they stared in aw at all the tiny little things, and made lists for christmas. it was precious. they held hands and giggled, and i got to see a glimpse of the wonderful friend aida mae is. it was heaven.

i want to talk a little about friendship. with the loss of my dad, and my mom's illness, i've learned that a deep friendship is worth its weight in gold. 

there's something about a friend turning up at your door the moment you need them, but couldn't ask. it's a hug they give you, that they didn't know you needed. it's a "i'm thinking of you" text, on a hard day. it's the "check your doorstep" text when you've got a splitting migraine. those aren't friends. they're angels. i believe it's how god shows us he loves us, and that he knows our trials and pain. 

i hope to be a friend like that. i hope to act when the spirit prompts me to, and to show up for friends when they need me most. i know just how much those moments mean to me, and i hope to be able to do the same for others.

happy monday, y'all! "make new friends, but keep the old. one is silver and the others gold." here's to gold friendships.


mrs. measom

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