Sep 28, 2021

this right here is the good stuff

aida mae drew for a bit yesterday. when she brought her drawings over to me i asked who was in all the pictures with her. "that's you mommy! because you're my best friend. oh, and that's vinnie!" day made.

at dc's soccer practice the mister and i walked laps around the field while aida wore her baby in her baby carrier. 

she does not take that thing off. it's precious, y'all. she dreams of being a mommy, a farmer, and a chef. aida mae you're a girl after my heart. my mini bestie for life.

my guy and i chatted and watched our kids play, and it hit me, these are the moments i waited my whole life for.

i know sometimes it can feel like being a wife or a mother is a lot. we are constantly show up for others, and maybe sometimes we feel like no one is showing up for us in return. but, this is a season of life. it won't always be this way. eventually, our kids will sleep through the night. one day there won't be legos on the floor, your house will quiet, and eventually your kids will have families of their own. 

don't waste some of the most glorious days wishing them away.

just remember, "this right here is the good stuff." and although nothing is perfect, surely watching your kids play while holding the love of your life's hand is pretty freaking wonderful. 

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