Sep 28, 2021

wtf tuesday strikes again

do you remember the days where blogs were a feel good place? they were full of pictures you took on your iphone and uploaded with a few short sentences about your day. 

rereading some of those old posts still make me smile. i can feel the joy i felt taking those blurry og iphone photos. ah, "those were simpler times," as my husband likes to say.

real question- if that's what blogs still were would you read them?

the texas state fair is going on as we speak! all i can think about is funnel cakes, lemonade, and a ferris wheel ride that is sure to make my stomach churn...or was that the corndogs fault? we shall never know.

i had an interestingly awkward moment today (ah, wtf tuesday strikes again). my dog (vinnie, you shameless dog, you) decided that he would poop on our new friend's grass. as if that wasn't bag enough, he sat down next to said friend (who is very pregnant) and dragged his butt next to her. you know, to wipe previously mentioned poop off his bum and leave a skid trail next to her. 

it was a total palm to face moment. i was modified. i don't know where vinnie got that trick from. i can assure you, we do not greet new friends with skids en la casa measom. 

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