Sep 25, 2021

Halloween + Fall Decor Is Out


will my hair never grow the same? is this what almost 30 brings? i mean i can overlook the skin changes, but hair. come on!

i love these shoes. you might not love them, but i'm about to order a second pair. yes, i said it!

this amazon dupe of my free people sweater is way better than expected. i bet i wear it more than the real ones.

in college there was a girl that said, "i hate when people add extra letters to words to exaggerate them." i don't remember her name, but i do vividly remember the comment. now, every time i add extra letters to exaggerate i think of her disapproving face. whoopssss.

my fall decor was put out the second day of fall. 

clearly, i'm proud of my self-restraint. 

though, i'm stoked to see the pumpkins coming out of storage and popping up in rooms throughout our home. feels festive and fresh. 

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