Sep 21, 2021

not a wtf tuesday yet

the way my husband looked at me yesterday was priceless. he was noticing my lady lumps #stillgotit.

we are watching jane the virgin, and that show sucks me in. i am team rafael and love alba. i also like petra...though she nuts.

i read this a little bit ago and wanted to share, "that trials don't happen to you, they happen for you." i think that is such a powerful message, and a great way to look at things.

having to throw my jean jacket on while pumping gas this morning made me thankful it's cooling down. but let's be real, this is texas and it doesn't get cold 'til january.

aida mae really wants to be a "chef and a farmer." she's fabulous, you guys. she's truly my best friend wearing the cutest tiny pink shoes.

dc is a soccer champion. i love watching him excel as a teammate and as a player. he changes on the field into this competitive (but still nice) go-getter. it's awesome to watch.

halloween / fall decor update- i haven't done any fall decorating yet (except for putting out sherly), and i am kind of loving it. 

it's nice not to be rushing into a holiday. currently, we are decked out for football season. in our house, it's the most important season anyway. though, i have a feeling the halloween decor will be out very soon!

thanks for readin', y'all! see you tomorrow! same time, same place!

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