Sep 20, 2021

suu football and our weekend

when i put together this outfit, you bet your bum i was channeling my inner princess diana. she was a style icon.

every time my hairdresser says i need a trim, i cry a little inside. i know, i know, it's just a trim. it's harmless, and will make my hair look healthy. blah, blah, blah. but really, all i hear is buh-bye hair i worked so hard to grow. wah wah wah.

nothing beats getting your hair highlighted when you're blonde. seriously, there's nothing like a refresh.

we hit up barnes and nobles this weekend, and somehow came home with legos. riddle me how that happened.

i pulled out the ingredients for dinner tonight. aida mae look a look at everything i had out, and said "mom are you making our favorite chicken?" she already knows the ingredients needed to make her favorite meal. i was so proud.

my husband's brother was in town. he coaches football, and his team was in texas. my husband was a happy man to see the game + his brother. love you brady, but wish taycee and blakely came!

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