Sep 15, 2021

My grown up version of the American Girl Magazine

halloween decor update- i have one lone pumpkin out. she's precious and her name is sherly. i think she's the prettiest pumpkin in all the land.

i received a dm asking about non toxic pumpkin spice candles. here is the one i bought and love! it smells like a pumpkin pie that i didn't have to make #winning!

the last few weeks i've been checking the mailbox for my october edition of a food magazine. it took me back to the days of being 8 and waiting for my american girl magazine to arrive. i vividly remember reading through that magazine over and over again. circling the items i wanted and anxiously awaiting christmas. 

yesterday, when i opened the mailbox my food magazine was finally there. i squealed with excitement just like i did when i was 8. 

i don't know if you know this about me, but i love to cook. it's kind of my thing. i also love to host, and during the fall season this magazine is all about fancy halloween themed treats for kids, warm hardy meals, and cooking for thanksgiving. it's kind of my version of paradise. 

i turn each crisp page with excitement. making all the notes of things i want to make, and sticking post-it notes all over the place. 

this is one magazine subscription well worth the $7.99 for 12 months of sheer joy. it's the little things.

cheers, and thank you so much for reading! see ya tomorrow! same time, same place!


mrs. measom

pictures taken by madi morrison

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