Sep 14, 2021

Is It Time For Halloween Decor Yet

i have been having an internal debate. do i decorate for halloween or do i wait? 

the mom in me is so ready to decorate with my pastel and glitter pumpkins, but i'm also trying to enjoy each month for what it brings without rushing on to the next thing. 

i think that's a super important way to live and teach my kids...until november 4th.

we have a family tradition of voting if we decorate for christmas before thanksgiving. which always happens soooo.... does that mean i can decorate for halloween?! decision, decisions.

it seems i always run into my kids friends' moms at starbucks. we all need a little happy juice. i know what everyone is getting for xmas. starbucks gift cards for EVERYONE. that was easy.

lighting fall candles is amazing. i love when my home smells like an apple pie i didn't have to make. 

i'm currently jamming to christian pop. it's glorious. gotta go read some of the bible before my day gets started!

love y'all and thanks for reading!!! means the world to me! 


mrs. measom

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