Sep 16, 2021

i'm no seamstress

it's official, jalapeno on salmon is delicious. my oh my, is it grand! 

the barista at starbucks that usually helps me was wearing a wedding ring today. he gushed over getting married, all the while he was beaming. it was incredible to see. made today feel a little more awesome. #theworldisfullofgood

i don't have a clue what i will make for dinner tonight, but i do know it better be delicious. ya'll DC told me last night, "i only likes things that have a lot of flavor!" that's my kid!

looking up all the diy halloween / fall kids crafts. aida is just like her grandmother she loves to create and it's precious. fair warning, this mom is not crafty. pray for me. i once sewed my finger to a an ottoman. clearly, im no seamstress.

pictures taken by madi morrison 

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